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Cam Calkoen: Bending Perceptions, Inspiring Change

Cam Calkoen is an inspirational speaker who’s bending perceptions to inspire change and an attitude of awesomeness through simple, lasting human truths. Passionate about the Shore this column reflects the awesomeness that surrounds us and the potential we all have to achieve a personal best.

Digging for AWESOME

If there’s one thing that gets me out of bed in the morning its the prospect of 'Digging for Awesome' on the Shore.

Driving to my office in the morning and thinking about the phone calls I’ll make over the course of the day to many different people... all of whom I believe have something special.
They all have the power to make an awesome difference to the day, to the life, of someone else in our community.
It can be as simple as allowing another car to move into your lane on the motorway.
All too often if you ask someone what they have done during the course of a day the reply comes back as "Oh just the usual”. On closer inspection this is seldom an accurate account.
Just making it through the day means leaving your stamp on someone you interacted with... so lets all do a personal stock-take and recognise the awesomeness generator looking back at us in the mirror and ask the question: Why is it easier to acknowledge awesome qualities in others, but less easy to see its potential in ourselves? I want to bend perceptions by looking for awesome in the 'usual'.
Awesome in this case might then become – the parents who have got the children off to school in the morning; Or the postman delivering the mail every day come rain or shine; Or the Barrista who not only makes the perfect cup of coffee but delivers it with a smile and adds a special little measure of Awesome to your morning.
You see, personally, I don’t think Awesome has to mean you conquered Everest on the morning jog, or reached the highest rung on the ladder of success before lunch.
I remember when I gave my first speech in front of the North Harbour Club (in 2001) and the words of Ross Finlayson when he thanked me and said... "Well spoken Cam, very well spoken”. His words have stayed with me to this day and gave me the confidence to become a professional speaker. It’s the small things we do that are awesome. Happy digging!

by Cam Calkoen