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From the Editor

Celebrating Community Gems in Cricket and Beyond....

One of the country’s oldest sporting clubs, based here on the Shore, celebrates a huge milestone this month. Having produced numerous international representatives and with a burgeoning membership of players, young and older, North Shore Cricket Club is one of New Zealand sport’s greatest club success stories.
As it notches up an impressive 150 not out this month, we felt the club deserved celebrating in a big way. So ahead of this issue I enjoyed spending time with one of the club’s gems Roger Brittenden. True ‘larger than life’ character Roger imparted many nuggets of cricketing wisdom, club history and amusing anecdotes - way more than could reasonably fit into a double page spread. I hope I have managed to distill some of the most notable achievements and tales from this Devonport-based club’s backstory for our special cover feature this month.
As well as its many sporting success stories, one of the most important features of the club is surely its role as a community hub. Many families come together to spend leisurely Saturday mornings down on the domain throughout the summer as their children get to grips with the game, and have fun with their friends. The club’s kitchen is always a bustling hub of activity with some impressive treats and drinks to keep the crowds fed and watered, and the bar is a place of cricketing debate and banter on match days.
The club’s terrific outdoor annual luncheon is a real pull for cricket lovers from across the region and is a fabulous fundraiser for the club. Former Black Cap and past CEO of New Zealand Cricket, Martin Snedden was guest speaker at this event held last month to kick off the anniversary celebrations. I chatted to Martin, who spoke of his love of the club - his ‘spiritual home’. He was quick to pay tribute to the many NSCC stalwarts and draw attention to the role that the club plays in the community, having provided many happy memories for his own family throughout the years.
This month we also felt that other ‘community gems’ should be celebrated and have introduced a series of new ‘Channel People’ Q & A features to give some of our quality local people the chance to shine. ‘Community Gems’, ‘Me & My Pet’, ‘I Love Where I Live’ and ‘I Love What I Do’ are some of the new regular articles to begin in Channel this month. If there’s someone you think we should feature, please get in touch.
The blossoming tech industry in Takapuna, or should that be ‘Techapuna?’, is put under the microscope by Aidan Bennett in this issue. He looks at the emergence and growth of IT-related industries in the area, which he feels has the potential to establish itself as New Zealand’s Silicon Valley.
We’ve given the magazine a fresh look for this issue, with these new features, as well as a redesign of some of our popular sections. We hope you like the look!


by Heather Vermeer