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Feature Cafe: Vanilla Sky

Feature Cafe: Vanilla Sky

Coffee Thrill at Vanilla Sky

Maria Vetrova is all about serving up creamy, velvety full flavoured coffee with a twist.

“I like the idea of creating something different,” says Maria with her colleague Marina. And different, but amazingly tasty is the coffee menu at Vanilla Sky. It’s not surprising her customers are coming back for more!

From the rich aroma of a Hazel Nut Mocha using Altezano Brothers’ beans (the only café in Takapuna serving up this Brazilian taste sensation) to a Vanilla Latte or the new sweet delight, White Hot Chocolate...the complexities that Maria and Marina are frothing up go beyond just a cup of coffee.
Even the cappuccino (one of this writer’s favourite cups) is devilishly good – why? “Oh that is the syrup drizzled on top – it’s Hershey’s real chocolate syrup – only the best!’ Exclaims Maria, and I totally agree as I take a bite from my Crispello chocolate a little complimentary treat served on the side with your coffee.
Coupled with her extensive tea range from Harney & Sons, Vanilla Sky is a little haven in Takapuna. “We use only leaves in our tea – no bags,” advises Maria. “A must try is the ‘Caribe’ tea, it smells delicious and is infused with hibiscus, guava, coconut and strawberry,” she adds.
This (aptly coloured) coffee-toned café can be found on the Northcroft Street side of the Sentinel Apartments and is serving up tasty fresh morsels everyday too.
“Our Eggs Benedict is a huge favourite,” suggests Maria, along with her family’s traditional crepe recipe - Maria is originally from the Ukraine - the chicken, mushroom and cheese crepe is also a delight amongst the regular clientele. “Everything is made fresh, here on the premises too,” she adds.
Pop in for an indulgent treat and explore a coffee with a twist and, in the month of June, for our loyal Channel readers, Vanilla Sky is offering Eggs Benedict with Salmon at a special low price of just $12.

Vanilla Sky
3 Northcroft St, Takapuna
Ph 09 486 1901