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Beachside dining at its very best

Beachside dining at its very best

Takapuna’s enviable dining out scene has recently been given a step up. There is a restaurant that has landed in prime central eating out territory that is rightfully causing a lot of people to talk, and a lot of people to listen.

Beachside Grill is beach suburb dining at what is its currently conceivable best. The upmarket bach fit-out is clean, striking, and as fresh as the sea that is just a short downhill walk away. Whitewashed wood is punctuated with aquas, sea greens and turquoise hues. 

The line between formality and casualness is perfectly trodden. This is epitomised by the white linen-clothed tables then being topped with brown paper - kids are encouraged to draw on them.
The genius of Brendon Petersen and Radek Vacek, Beachside Grill is the type of restaurant Takapuna has secretly craved. And how this place delivers.
Pan-fried snapper on a bed of seafood paella lets the fish shine whilst being as tasty as any seafood dish around. The entree and dessert selections are as superb as those of the mains, which focus on fresh ‘surf n turf’ steaks and seafood.
“We want to keep it simple but hearty, and let the meat or the fish be the stars of each dish. We don’t want our dishes to be drowning in sauces,” stresses co-owner and executive chef Brendon, formerly group development chef with Pack Investment Group (responsible for menu design at 20 top restaurants and the training of over 100 chefs nationwide). He has been hugely successful as head chef at The Riverhead Tavern, head chef at one of the Conde Naste-voted ‘best restaurants in the world’ in his native South Africa, and has been consultant chef at Vino Vino on Waiheke, and the list goes on. He has cooked for Nelson Mandela, Princess Diana, President Clinton and more, but that’s a whole other story for a separate feature sometime.
Co-owner, friend and former bakery supplier to his culinary idol Brendon, Radek radiates the kind of enthusiasm that you know shows a man who is fulfilling a long-held goal.
“It really is a dream come true to be opening this place with Brendon. I have 100% trust in him. We met six years ago and we’ve become the best of friends. He really is at the top of his game this man.”
Passionate that children should get to enjoy the same quality of food as adults, Brendon serves Aged Steak with freshly cut chips, a signature Baked Mac ‘n Cheese and Ribs as options for the little people.
And for a tease on the sweets...Rosewater Panna Cotta with runny honey and baklava is outstanding in all textures and flavours. A Plate of Truffles contains six freshly made white and dark chocolate truffles surrounding artfully cut strawberries. The truffles crack satisfying between the teeth to unleash velvety soft oozing centres.
No-one can claim to have experienced the best in Takapuna dining without having visited the Beachside Grill. Good luck in finding better.