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GET TO KNOW YOUR BYO with Kellie Larson

Vibrant Thai in Takapuna

With one year under my belt of North Shore BYO-ing, I am even more excited and determined to find the best BYO restaurants located in our backyard. I say this because I now know how important they are to our social life – or at least to my social life! These local restaurants are where we go each week to have a curry with our friends, where we go for a regular date night – and more than anything, where we go a majority of the time we dine out here on the Shore. And, if this is where we are eating – why not find the best of the best to ensure that each time we dine out, the experience is nothing but superb.

Looking for another great BYO in Takapuna to frequent during the upcoming Rugby World Cup parties in Takapuna, I stumbled into Tip Siam at 152 Hurstmere Road on a Friday night.
The restaurant was packed, and as we grabbed the last table for two in the restauarant we were hit with the immediate aroma of chilli, garlic and coconut. After a few wines down the road – and a cold winter’s day – the restaurant was warm and inviting with ornate decorations and ambient lighting. A beautiful setting.
The menu was a typical Thai restaurant menu, and so we decided to dig into our favourite dishes! For entrée we ordered Tip Siam mixed entrée with a prawn and pork golden bag, satay chicken skewer, minced chicken and curry puff pastry dumpling and a spring roll.
Like most mixed entrées, it was a tasty, crispy treat to start the meal, and while it wasn’t anything unique – it wasn’t heavy or greasy and quite a Moorish plate.
For main, we ordered Pad Thai Gai (Chicken Pad Thai), Gang Mus-Sa-Man (Nut Curry with Pork) and Ped Kee-Mow (Stir-fired duck). I piled the Pad Thai Gai, a personal favourite of mine, high on my plate. With fresh lime, peanuts and bean sprouts, the stir-fried dish was rich in flavour and very, very addictive. Served with rice, the duck and curry were equally delicious. The duck was rich and sautéd in vibrant chilli and garlic with lots of baby vegetables. And, while the velvety Mus-Sa-Man curry could have been slightly more complex in flavour, it was still a winner as it was filled with tender pork. All in all, a great meal – so good in fact that I am confident it will become my new regular Thai restaurant.
Looking for a real treat? Tip Siam serves traditional cha-yen (Thai iced tea), and for anyone who has visited Thailand – you’ll know how delicious these are! Made from strongly brewed black tea, tamarind, sugar and condensed milk – this drink is a great accompaniment or finish to a Thai meal.
The food was delicious, and I would recommend this as a great local BYO.

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Tip Siam
at 152 Hurstmere Road,
Takapuna Beach.
Ph: 489 7911

Kellie's rating:
Food:        8/10
Atmosphere:     9/10
Service:         8/10


by Kellie Larson