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GET TO KNOW YOUR BYO with Kellie Larson

A taste of Teppanyaki

With one year under my belt of North Shore BYO-ing, I am even more excited and determined to find the best BYO restaurants located in our backyard. I say this because I now know how important they are to our social life – or at least to my social life! These local restaurants are where we go each week to have a curry with our friends, where we go for a regular date night – and more than anything, where we go a majority of the time we dine out here on the Shore. And, if this is where we are eating – why not find the best of the best to ensure that each time we dine out, the experience is nothing but superb.

Teppanyaki is on the menu this month – and, in a country in which Teppanyaki is synonymous with Daikoku and a very expensive bill, I was very curious and excited to see if TEN Japanese Teppanyaki in Milford would be my solution to yummy Japanese food at an affordable price.
TEN is located at 1 Milford Road, directly across from the Robert Harris coffee shop. Recently remodeled, the interior was a decent attempt at an intimate and modern dining setting. My only complaint was that the restaurant did not have enough ventilation to circulate the smoke from the teppanyaki grill, so throughout our meal the lingering smell became a bit suffocating.
With a limited menu, we were quickly able to determine what to order.
Eye fillet steak for the guys and salmon for me – along with some staple Japanese entrées.
To begin, we sampled the salmon sushi roll, takoyaki and prawns with yum yum sauce because let’s face it, when yum yum sauce is on the menu, you have to order it! The salmon sushi roll was very disappointing as you could see that the avocado used in the roll had gone a bit off and was discoloured, as well as the fact that the rice was quite hard. It certainly did not taste fresh. To redeem this poor dish, the takoyaki, round deep fried fritters with octopus, were very delicious and the prawns with yum yum sauce equally so, and they certainly did not skimp on the yum yum sauce!
By the time our mains arrived, we were almost full – which may have been a good thing as I received my teriyaki salmon donburi a full 15 minutes before the others in my party received their rare eye fillet steak!
The salmon was nice and delicate, served on a bed of rice and salad, and I definitely appreciate the side of ginger sauce which added a bit of freshness to the dish. The boys quite enjoyed their steak which came with grilled vegetables, rice, miso and their own entrée of prawns and scallops. While I thought the dish needed a lot more seasoning, they loved every bite!
The highlights of the meal were the takoyaki and the fact that my large bowl of salmon, salad and rice was only $15. However the overall quality of the food was not enough to make me come back every week for a regular Japanese meal.
So, if you live in Milford and are looking for a cheap, takeaway Japanese meal – I suggest giving the donburi a try! But, if you happen to live in Takapuna, I would possibly suggest staying there for your next teppanyaki or sushi delight!

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Ten Japanese Teppanyaki
1 Milford Rd, Milford.
Ph: 489 4798


Kellie's Rating

Food: 7/10      Atmosphere: 7/10      Service: 8/10



by Kellie Larson