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GET TO KNOW YOUR BYO with Kellie Larson

Some like it hot!

With one year under my belt of North Shore BYO-ing, I am even more excited and determined to find the best BYO restaurants located in our backyard. I say this because I now know how important they are to our social life – or at least to my social life! These local restaurants are where we go each week to have a curry with our friends, where we go for a regular date night – and more than anything, where we go a majority of the time we dine out here on the Shore. And, if this is where we are eating – why not find the best of the best to ensure that each time we dine out, the experience is nothing but superb.

After hearing that Sigdi Authentic Indian Cuisine was a favourite among a few of my friends, I finally decided to head to Devonport to try out this Indian BYO.

Entering the quaint restaurant, we were pleasantly surprised by the beautiful décor and tables dressed with wine glasses and tea light candles. This was a dining experience with a beautiful atmosphere and great service.

We quickly munched through our complimentary roti as we selected vegetable samosas, onion bhaji and lamb seekh kebabs for our entrée. These were delicious – and we definitely needed all three! The creamy potato of the samosas, the savoury flavour of the kebabs and the crispy goodness of the fried onions made for a perfect combination of hunger fighting nibbles before our curries arrived.

Our entrées were so good that it did little to keep our hunger at bay, but rather made us even more ravenous for our mains. Luckily, the great service meant that our curries came out within 5 minutes of clearing away our entrées. The more cautious people in our group ordered mild butter chicken and mild beef korma – and gave great reviews. But, those of us who prefer a bit of heat ordered Karahi Murgh and Sabzi Gosht with lamb – hot!

The Karahi Murgh was a rich chicken curry with tomatoes and lots of coriander, but the star was the Sabzi Gosht, with lamb so tender that the slow roasted strands of lamb seemed more like a 6-hour slow roast than a curry! I could have eaten this curry for hours it was so good. And the heat of the dish was full of depth and richness – and not just a hint of spice. To accompany our deliciously hot curries, we also ordered a garlic naan and Dal Makhani – black lentils and kidney beans, stewed on a slow fire overnight and finished with cream. These were great additions to a fabulous meal – providing a variety of flavours and heat levels for everyone’s taste buds.

When we finished our meal, and 3 bottles of wine, it was definitely an “undo the first button of your pants” kind of a meal, we all went home satisfied. The rich flavours and superb tender meat were a step up from your average local Indian.

So, if you live in Devonport – this is a no brainer. Sigdi Indian should be a “must visit” at least once a week! You don’t live in Devonport? This place is definitely worth the drive but, if you are on the lazy side, Sigdi delivers 7 days a week for an additional $2 delivery charge.

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by Kellie Larson