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GET TO KNOW YOUR BYO with Kellie Larson

Musashi Japanese Cuisine

With one year under my belt of North Shore BYO-ing, I am even more excited and determined to find the best BYO restaurants located in our backyard. I say this because I now know how important they are to our social life – or at least to my social life! These local restaurants are where we go each week to have a curry with our friends, where we go for a regular date night – and more than anything, where we go a majority of the time we dine out here on the Shore. And, if this is where we are eating – why not find the best of the best to ensure that each time we dine out, the experience is nothing but superb.

Highly Recommended

With so many people recommending Musashi Japanese Cuisine in our very own Channel Magazine, it was time to head Milford way for a long anticipated culinary experience.
Musashi is located on Milford’s main drag, at 212 Kitchener Road. With dark wood and a warm interior, the initial impression of this local BYO was inviting, yet modern. A refreshing atmosphere for a Japanese restaurant here on the Shore.
The physical menu itself was quite beautiful filled with lush images for each and every dish. In fact, the images were so enticing that it was hard to stop ourselves from ordering everything on the menu.
We started with a sashimi platter and a variety of sushi rolls including a dragon roll, spider roll and a prawn tempura roll. The sashimi platter arrived with salmon, tuna, scallop, prawn and white fish. While the seafood was very fresh, the amount of fish that arrived for the price was slightly disappointing.
The dragon roll was quite a theatrical spectacle with the sushi formed to look like an actual dragon. And, while this brought a smile to our faces, the thin amount of salmon on top of the roll could not improve the poor rolling of the sushi, that led the roll to fall apart easily, nor the excessively large pieces of cucumber – which is all I tasted.
The spider and prawn tempura rolls were quite similar – fried crab and prawn with bits of cream cheese and Japanese mayo. Very naughty.
With eyes bigger than our stomachs, we decided to share the Salmon Nabe and an order of Takoyaki. The Salmon Nabe was a paper pot of salmon, prawns, tofu and vegetables cooked at our table. As the dish arrived, a beautiful aroma surrounded our table. The dish was fresh, tender and very delicious. And the Takoyaki, octopus fritters, were incredible. Plus, they are a personal favourite. If you haven’t tried these savoury balls of goodness, you don’t know what you are missing out on!
All in all, the sashimi was fresh, but the hero of this Japanese restaurant was their selection of mains, including the paper hot pots of fresh seafood and simply delicious broths. Unique and tasty.

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Japanese Cuisine
212 Kitchener Road, Milford.
Ph: 489 5977

Kellie's rating:
Food:        7/10
Atmosphere:     8/10
Service:         8/10



by Kellie Larson