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Shore Connections With NZ Police Never Been Stronger

GEORGE WOOD is a North Shore ward councillor on the new Auckland Council. The former three-term mayor of North Shore City lives in Forrest Hill with wife Myra.

Shore Connections With NZ Police Never Been Stronger 

The North Shore has its strongest connections ever with the high echelons of the New Zealand Police.  The new Police commissioner Peter Marshall and his two deputy commissioners Viv Rickard and Mike Bush are officers who I hold in the highest regard.  Each of them at various times, over the last ten years, has worked closely with the Waitemata Police District, which has its headquarters in Takapuna.

During my time in the Police I worked with each of them at various times and they were always outstanding officers of the highest calibre.   I first came across Peter Marshall when we were detectives in the Auckland Central Police criminal investigation branch office in the 1970s.  Peter is a North Shore old boy having done his secondary schooling at Rosmini College.  He was always a studious officer who quickly moved through the ranks.

As an investigator Peter Marshall handled many high profile cases and achieved much success through his diligence and painstaking attention to detail.  In the early 1990s he was the New Zealand Police liaison officer to the Australian Federal Police in Canberra.
Upon his return to New Zealand he was subsequently based as a senior investigator in Auckland before being appointed to a liaison position in the United States.

Deputy Commissioner Mike Bush worked closely with me in the late 1990s at Takapuna Police Station when he headed the North Shore CIB.  He lead an office that introduced major innovations in the area of carefully managed patrolling and targeting people who were known to be active out and about committing crime.  He has continued to use this style of policing in his most recent command position as the district commander at the Counties-Manukau.

Mike Bush has changed the police culture in South Auckland and achieved a remarkable turnaround in a reduction in crime.  Since being elected as a councillor on the new Auckland Council I have spent a lot of time in South Auckland working on my new Community Safety Forum responsibilities.  It was great to work with Mike and see how he had reinvigorated the Police in that part of the Auckland region.

Deputy Commissioner Viv Rickard was the Waitemata District Commander in the later part of my time as mayor of the former North Shore City.  I had worked with Viv in the 1990s when he was a detective sergeant at the Mount Wellington Policing Centre.  He subsequently transferred to Kaikohe and then soon after became the district commander for Northland, based in Whangarei.  Viv moved to the North Shore as the district commander and then was promoted to Wellington as an assistant commissioner.

So it will be very interesting to follow them as they progress in their new roles as the senior leaders of the New Zealand Police.  All three are tenacious operators who will rise to any challenge presented.  They have been well trained in all facets of police management and operations.  I am certain that the New Zealand Police will be in good stead with these three leading the organisation into the future.


by George Wood