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Life’s a beach at Cheltenham

Vintage Vauxhall Rose - Local hairstyling, naturally

In many places, in many industries, trends are pointing towards local, natural, and vintage.  Vauxhall Rose is the culmination of a stylish Devonport woman’s dream. And, it very much fits with all of the above trends. 

Leanne Rose is a hugely-experienced hairstylist whose work has graced our television screens over many years, and who, with a talented team behind her, is continuing to make a name for herself, this time away from the small screen. 

“This has been my long-term dream to have this place!” She says, having eyed up the Vauxhall Road spot for quite some time before finally taking the plunge to set up there when the opportunity arose two years ago. 

She said: “It’s more like the old-fashioned, traditional salon experience we offer here, but we also like to stay up to date with the latest trends.” 

Her partnership with make up guru Renee van Cooten is a match made in styling heaven. Vauxhall Rose offers the whole hair and make up styling package, with a focus on the natural. The Chara range of make up products sold and used in the salon by Renee - who worked with Leanne on many television projects - are a new wave of organic make up products. They include a gel eyeliner made with beeswax and coconut oil, which Renee raves about, as well as BB anti-aging creams and foundations that contain SPFs whilst also being natural. 

Nails are a part of the Vauxhall Rose mix, and again, the emphasis is away from the usual chemical-based treatments. Victoria Maurice is the resident nail technician and is currently loving the traditional-style manicure and pedicures she offers, as opposed to the acrylic and gel nails that have dominated the industry in recent years. 

In hair colouring, the salon uses ammonia-free products, with talented hair colourist Isabell Povey keen on giving clients the most natural hair colouring experience possible. 

Former Vauxhall Rose hairstylist Ange Chamberlain, who also has many years of styling experience for television, has been welcomed back to the Cheltenham salon. She is looking forward to seeing plenty of familiar faces as well as new clients looking for a refreshing change. 

Evo hair product range - unsurprisingly natural - is used and stocked, as are Kevin Murphy lines. 

There is a gorgeous vintage feel to the interior, with original retro orange hair dryers and furniture pieces that would not have looked out of place in your grandparents’ 1960s or 70s bach. The team is friendly and fun, as well as hugely experienced and talented. It’s no wonder Vauxhall Rose is locally-based Kiwi music icon Neil Finn’s hair salon of choice. Go and see why for yourself. 

Vauxhall Rose, 64 Vauxhall Road, Cheltenham, Devonport 09 445 2053 

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