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Hi-tech? It’s Child’s Play!

 We had young Tom, four, over to stay the other night.  It was his big sister’s birthday and he couldn’t handle the idea of all those little girls having a sleepover in his house.  As usual, I ended up sleeping on the blow-up bed while he snuggled into Bad Jelly in the big bed complete with feather topper, pillows and duvet.

After taking the easy option of fish and chips for dinner and then a quick trip to the frozen yoghurt shop, two exhausted grandparents decided it was time for a video. Of course we can't remember the password for Apple TV and the delay in viewing predictably frustrates Mr Four, who insists it is the same as his at home and he can do it. He was right!

It makes me think that the best technology is simple technology. So often when we install motorised systems for blinds and curtains, the operating plan is so complicated that it negates the pleasure of using them. Recently we have had two customers who decided to dispose of the remotes and use ‘old-fashioned’ simple switching on the wall to control their blinds and when I saw the completed installation I thought how good it was. No remotes to lose or batteries to die. Just a very simple wall panel controlling multiple blinds in a discrete location that  everyone knows where to find. Simple suits me.

Another customer who insisted he wanted the ability to control each window separately asked, only a month later, for an ‘all up, all down’ switch. Simple suited him too.

Of course we have been installing these systems longer than anyone else and can still do the hi-tech installations; where you can control your blinds from anywhere in the world on your iPhone or have the blinds close automatically when the temperature or ultraviolet light reaches damaging levels. 

There are also the new battery-operated blind systems that save all that pre-wiring and have a battery life of up to five years - they are really good for hard to access areas.

So if you are planning to motorise any of your window furnishings, give us a call and one of our very experienced experts can call round to your home to discuss the possibilities. They can advise on the most complex of installations - without Tom’s help.


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