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Grace for Vets at Car-fé

 FREE CAR WASH for Returned and Current Military Personnel on Tuesday November 11th!

American Mike Mountz, owner of Cloister Wash & Lube in Ephrata, Pennsylvania, founded Grace for Vets in 1998. Car wash sites from across the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand will unite together on November 11th to honour military service by giving FREE washes to those that have served and are serving. 

To date, over 700 car wash operators have registered to give FREE washes, totalling over 1,600 wash locations worldwide, where military personnel can get a FREE car wash on November 11th. 

Creator of the free wash programme Grace for Vets, Mike Mountz, was injured whilst serving in the Vietnam War. Mountz found himself in a military hospital in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania surrounded by amputees. Not injured to the extent of the men and women around him were, Mountz was, and remains, personally and profoundly moved by what he witnessed. That day he vowed to help veterans in some way.

In 2004, Mountz found that way. He created the ‘Grace for Vets’ programme. The programme is not only a way of saying “thank you” to those who have fought for their country, but also reflects a desire by the industry as a whole to give back.

The North Shore has many active service personnel in its midst, with the Royal New Zealand Navy being based in Devonport, and as well as hundreds of returned servicemen and women of different generations. If you know of someone who has served or is serving in the military, help spread the word about this free car wash service on Tuesday 11th November at Car-fe, 87 Barrys Point Road, Takapuna. 

With many car wash outlets in Australia also offering this free car wash to military personnel on the 11th, Car-fe Takapua owner Rob Bonnici wants to wash as many Kiwi servicemen and women’s cars as possible and beat the Aussies! Help Rob and the team to victory over the Aussies by spreading the word and encouraging military folk along to take advantage of the free car wash on the 11th. 

Should you have any questions please do not hesitate to call
09 4887000 to discuss. Regards, Robert & Siobhan Bonnici.

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