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Education: Takapuna Grammar School

Celebrating the past and the future

 Takapuna Grammar School is the place where tradition meets progress. This is exemplified by the culture of the school, its beliefs, the behaviours of its students and the mixture of modern internal dynamics with traditional external profiles, even within the same building, on occasion.

With the main block development, now exceeding $15million, underway the school looks forward to realising modern learning dynamics within the space, while holding the traditional profile of its exterior. This building in itself brings together the past and the future.

The school’s new strategic plan completed late last year continues the foundations established since 1927. At its inauguration, Takapuna Grammar School was lauded, when it appeared in The New Zealand Herald, as ‘The new face of Education’. Now, in 2014, the school remains committed to the promotion of culture and tradition with a commitment to delivering a new and modern education. 

There are many features of the school that show, in a pragmatic way, the delivery of a curriculum which prepares its students for a future, not yet known. Delivering both the NCEA qualification and the International Baccalaureate Diploma, students are supported by the fully capable high speed wireless network to which they bring their own devices. Included on this network are 3D printers, 3D cutters and the latest equipment to serve the teaching and learning dynamic of all manner of materials and production.

The school is going to roll out a full school mentoring programme next year beyond the subsets of students already currently experiencing the benefit of this service. Every student next year will experience and contribute to his/her own personal programme. This is one more step in providing all students with the opportunity to engage with others who are best qualified to assist them. 

Beyond this, the school’s longstanding commitment to preparing students for their own futures is housed in the vision statement, ‘Aspiring to Personal Excellence through Knowing, Connecting, Relating and Supporting.’ This not only provides our young people with the necessary points of knowledge but also the skill sets required to enable them to be successful lifelong learners.

From whichever perspective, Takapuna Grammar School demonstrates a celebration of the past and the future.

by Channel Magazine