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MOTORING with Jerry Clayton BMW

Marina Joseph A passion for the world's number one automotive brand

 Meet Marina Joseph, the newest team member at Jerry Clayton BMW. She adds a welcome feminine touch to the sales team and a fresh perspective in a world predominately dominated by men. Marina brings many successful years of professional sales experience in the overseas luxury automotive industry where she has worked in sales with Volvo and Alfa-Romeo, including nearly four years with BMW in Sri Lanka where she was Sales Manager.

Upon moving to New Zealand in 2007, Marina had a break from cars and with her love of working with luxury products, she worked with Louis Vuitton in Queenstown. Marina said: “It was a privilege to be associated with Louis Vuitton. Its prestige and glamour gave me pride in an association with the world’s most luxurious apparel brand. Customer satisfaction is of great importance to me, and it is so important to provide customers with a luxury service experience and represent these brands in the way they should be represented.”

Moving to Auckland, Marina worked for Peugeot where she became their number one Sales Executive in the last quarter of both 2012 and 2013, and now she is back with her ultimate driving machine at Jerry Clayton BMW, where her pride in association with the world’s number one automotive brand has now also become her passion. Marina said: “Besides my passion for the BMW brand, I enjoy the pleasure of the drive and its handling along with its dynamic features, they are exciting and addicting! The BMW prestige and glamour appeal to my feminine psyche and my love for the leading brand. We have some of the plushest interiors and most options for customization, all with very competitive pricing. BMW cars are dynamic and have precision; it gives you confidence and you feel completely safe in it at any given stage. You always find something different to show the clients – give them an experience like no other brand.” 

Work is also a retreat as Marina enjoys the Takapuna location of Jerry
Clayton BMW. 

“I love that the Jerry Clayton BMW customers come not only from the Shore, but also Ponsonby, Parnell, eastern suburbs and wider, following the customer service that flows from this dealership.

"I enjoy working in Takapuna. It’s not only my love for good food and wine, with so many trendy restaurants and cafés, there are some great fashion shopping places too. I’m excited that the dealership is also so involved with the local community and organisations. I feel this is a very comfortable fit for me.”

Does being a woman give her an edge with female customers?

“I don’t feel any different being a woman in the industry; male and female customers have never treated me any differently. I guess I am able to understand a woman’s needs and am able to relate to the needs of a family.

"I’m also aware that trends report that female consumers are not a niche and are the most powerful consumer group globally; they control $20 trillion in consumer spending including influencing 65% of new car sales. But I say marketing to women does not mean you aren’t marketing to men. It’s not an either/or proposition. There’s a great saying that if you meet the expectations of women, you often exceed the expectations of the men.”

Marina looks forward to meeting you next time you are in the Dealership.

Jerry Clayton BMW: 445 Lake Road, Takapuna. Phone 488 2000
or Visit: 

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