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You can fly with the confidence of a Superhero!

Cam Calkoen is an inspirational speaker who is bending perceptions to inspire change and an attitude of awesomeness through simple, lasting human truths. Passionate about the Shore this column reflects the awesomeness that surrounds us and the potential we all have to achieve a personal best.

Last issue I spoke about the superheroes of our community that has led me on to thinking about the superpowers of humanity. Within all of us we have the ability to achieve great things, to be a success, and our superpowers are the backbone to who we are and what we do. To have a superpower doesn’t have to be demonstrated by wearing a cape or undies on the outside of tights but when your superpower is identified you feel as if you’re flying and indeed have the confidence not to care what others may think.

One of our superpowers that we can commonly access hit me recently as I was experiencing one of the North Shores gems – Okura forest. It’s a uniquely beautiful walkway that mixes native bush with idyllic coastline. Along the undulating walkway are some gnarly stairways, whether you're walking or running, they’re gnarly. As I hit these steps on the way home my run dropped to a jog, then a walk and as I became tempted to drop to all fours I released a superpower. I started thinking about the awesome friends I know who for whatever reason didn’t have the freedom I had in that moment to be where I was. The more people I thought of the faster I became, and the more I thought about the other people the more I started to think who do I want to be, do I want to be dominated by these steps or dominate these steps.

Whether we’re walking tracks, preparing for exams, in the office our maintaining meaningful relationships this superpower can see us conquering any journey.

Inspiration can be found externally and when delivered powerfully will unlock motivation. But the sustainability of a motivated life comes from the experiences, connections, and aspiration that lives within.

This is nothing new as we’ve heard it in the forms of “surround yourself with people you want to be like” and “where you’ve been doesn’t not need to be where you’re going”. So let these thoughts see you fly with the confidence of a superhero. 

by Cam Calkoen