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The Extraordinary Cosi Girls

The journey from opening a store and doing everything yourself seven days a week (very exhausting!), to employing people can feel like quite a leap of faith.

Finding the perfect fit to enhance your store is paramount to a successful business.

I am blessed by those who now surround and support me and bring to work every day their passion, enthusiasm and love of Cosi.

Lisa, a friend for 15 years, has been a Cosi heroine since I opened in Devonport four years ago.  She extraordinarily remembers all our regular customers names, even after the first meeting, hence we now have a spectacularly loyal following of Cosi and Lisa fans.  Knowing your business is in such caring hands and having someone who loves your business as if its their own is heaven on earth and great for a good night's sleep!  

Lee, a Cosi customer, I had noticed spending quite a lot of time at Chateaubriant (I guess that also means I do too!).  

I was remarkably, and joyfully, able to tempt her away to a life of heavenly scents and abundant gift wrapping! Whilst still leaving enough time before work for a Chateaubriant treat - a blissful life in anyone's hot chocolate!

Lilianne is a new arrival for our Birkenhead store, with her love of gorgeousness she fits right in!

As the song goes: "We are family!" And that suits us here at Cosi Fan Tutte.

In Cosi we sell 'Gratitude Diaries' each year.  The latest stock has just arrived.  It's a wonderful way to enhance your daily life all year long, full of inspiring quotes and journal space.

I give daily gratitude and thanks, to my Cosi shop, my Cosi girls, my Cosi customers and my Cosi life.

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