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What is the reclad process like?

 The reclad process isn’t as complicated as some people think, below is a bit of a guide to what is involved once the planning stage is taken care of.  Throughout this process you will also have weekly meetings with your QPC Project Manager and regular updates via email and phone calls. 

Either yourself or QPC engage an architect to draw you a new set of plans for Council. We sit down with you and make any changes that are needed to existing details or make changes to areas that could cause issues.

When you are happy we submit to Council your new set of plans plus any changes you would like to make to your property at the same time. 

Your home is then covered from the elements and your cladding is removed from your house.  If you are leaving furniture in the house this is also a good time to cover it with old sheets to keep the dust off.

Your existing windows are removed and serviced ready for the new cladding. Some clients use this time to upgrade to double-glazing or new modern coloured joinery.

Your house is then surveyed for any damaged timber by an independent expert and the damaged timber is replaced.

Your home is then re-clad in the new cladding of your choice. The windows are installed and any other changes made.

QPC then provide all the documentation for a new Code of Compliance from the Council and provide a 10 year Master Builder Guarantee for your peace of mind.

What are the advantages of recladding?

It will result in your home being brought up to the current Building Code E2/AS1 requirements.

It will mean you get a new Code of Compliance Certificate issued in respect of the building repair work. 

It is the best way to ensure all problematic areas have been fixed

Because recladding involves removing the existing cladding, the underlying timber structure can be treated against rot and decay (many houses constructed between 1997 and 2003 were built using untreated timber framing).

It will likely re-establish the full value in your property (possibly even increase the value) and will make it far more saleable.

It will mean a safer, dryer and stronger home for you and your family to enjoy.

Getting in touch. Feel free to give us a call today for a no obligation chat about recladding your home. 0800 772 266 

by Alex Coburn