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Kristin School: A First-hand Account of the Holocaust

A First-hand Account of the Holocaust

Kristin’s Year 10 students were honoured to meet and speak with two child Holocaust survivors recently as a part of the school’s Year 10 Humanities programme. The students have been studying WWII for their unit on the Abuse of Power, and Bob and Freda Narev’s visit has become a highly anticipated part of the course.

For the past seven years the couple have shared their stories at Kristin, providing students with a direct human connection to the atrocities of the war and delivering first-hand accounts of the cruelty and injustice inflicted upon the victims and survivors of the Holocaust.

Bob spent two-and-a-half years in Theresienstadt concentration camp before being sent on a prisoner exchange to Switzerland. He lost many family members at the camp and while generally well cared for, he attributes his relative good fortune to the adults who shared their rations and protected the children from the fear that surrounded them. At three years of age Freda was sent to live on a Catholic farm to protect her from persecution because of her Jewish faith. Her sister later claimed her and together they went to live in a refugee camp, but throughout her life Freda has had to cope with the loss of her identity; she has no memories of her parents and all records of her family, including her birth, have been destroyed.

The Narevs’ message of peace and remembrance resounded with the students. Student Council representative Olivia Just said afterwards, “Their stories were so heart-breaking and emotional; all of us were hanging on to their every word, barely able to imagine what these lovely people have endured in their lifetime. They spoke incredibly well and welcomed any and all of the many questions that followed their presentation. Afterwards, we engaged in further discussion, not only about their lives, but also religion's dominance in people’s lives today. We all learnt so much from their wise words, and their willingness to forgive, but not forget.” 

International Baccalaureate Specialists

Over 160 parents from across Auckland attended a special International Baccalaureate (IB) Information Evening, held at Kristin on 19 August. Delivered by IB representatives and specialists from IB Asia Pacific in Singapore and open to all parents interested in an IB education for their children, the presentation provided an overview of the IB philosophy and continuum of internationally recognised programmes.

The focus was on the IBs unique approach to teaching and learning, which is applied across the Primary Years Programme (PYP) for years 0-6, Middle Years Programme (MYP) for years 7-10 and IB Diploma for years 12 and 13. 

Ashish Trivedi, Regional Schools Services Manager for the MYP, gave parents an overview of the latest research supporting this globally renowned approach to education. Stefanie Leong, Head of Development and Recognition in the Asia Pacific region, discussed global university recognition of the Diploma and was also on hand to answer questions from parents about the three IB programmes.

In addition to the information evening, a second session was held concurrently for teachers of the PYP. Delivered by Marcia Behrenbruch, Regional Head of School Services in the Asia Pacific, the workshop was an opportunity for PYP teachers to further develop their knowledge of the different ways that inquiry can drive Science and Mathematics in PYP schools. The 35 teachers that attended from schools around Auckland left with a wide range of new ideas to implement in their programmes. Kristin was the first school in New Zealand to introduce the International Baccalaureate in 1989 and has since become New Zealand’s leading IB school. It is the only school in New Zealand to offer the full continuum from Kindergarten to Year 13. Any parents who were unable to attend the information evening are encouraged to contact Kristin for more information about this internationally recognised education programme. 

Kristin Students Help Feed the Need of Kiwi Kids

Junior School students at Kristin have made a significant difference in the lives of Auckland kids this winter. Over seven weeks during Term 3, the students have been collecting cans of ingredients to be used to provide hot lunches for students in low-decile Auckland schools.

The students have partnered with Feed the Need, a locally based charity that delivers hot, fresh and nutritious lunches to kids who would otherwise go without. A Feed the Need trolley was moved around the school each week, from the Kindergarten to the Year 6 classes, and each year level took on the challenge of filling it with staple ingredients and supplies.

Thanks to the wonderful support of school families who have given their support to the campaign, the students expect to collect over 1000 cans during the seven weeks of their collection drive. 

Prefect Project Opens at Mansell Senior School

On Tuesday 5 August, the Kristin Prefect team travelled to Mansell Senior School in Papakura for the official opening of the new school health clinic that the team had spent their holidays renovating.

The Prefect Project (detailed in last month’s Channel magazine) set out to provide the small community-focused intermediate school with a facility to support their campaign against rheumatic fever. The clinic will be home to a health worker from ManaKidz who attends the school daily. 

At the opening, the Prefects were welcomed by Kaumatua Allan Kukutai who led them to the powhiri and blessing of the health clinic. Players from the Vodafone New Zealand Warriors were also in attendance to share their support of the Rheumatic Fever Prevention Programme. Moving performances from the Mansell students during a formal assembly were a highlight for everyone in attendance.

Deputy Head Girl Olivia Barker said her team were honoured by the experience, “We are really touched by how much the project has meant to the community. To share this experience with them has been a humbling and unforgettable experience.” 

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