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September brings three new painting exhibitions, a textile show and a major Australasian print making exhibition to Northart.

First up, however, if you haven’t yet seen Dream Speak by American/Kiribati artist Fidalis Buehler hurry down to Northart – it is a not-to-be-missed show that closes on September 10th.  Delightfully whimsical and imaginative, the paintings transport you to a different realm, one filled with laughter and warmth, childhood stories, chants and dreams. 

Don’t miss too, the shows in the adjacent gallery by three Tongan, urban, female artists - Crossing the Line/Between the Lines/Over the Lines.  Dagmar Dyck and sisters Emily and Vea Mafile’o will give a talk in the gallery about the works in their shows Saturday 6 September at 3pm. There will be a tapa making workshop before it starting at 1pm. Tutored by Tui Gillies and Sulieti Fieme’a Burrows this is a free event (although donations much appreciated).

Opening the next evening at 4pm Clare Young presents Warp, an exhibition of not-so-traditional landscape painting and textile artist Alysn Midgelow-Marsden Presence and Absence.  

Northart is delighted to be host venue for Antipodes an exchange exhibition between printmakers in Sydney and in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Included in the New Zealand line up are works by such well known print makers as Carole Shepheard, Prue MacDougall, Jacqueline Aust, Marty Vreede, Beatrice Carlson and Kathy Boyle.  This exhibition opens on 14 September. A public programme of events will be in place during the show – contact the gallery for details or visit 

The final two shows for the month are Crossing to Safety by Nancy Synnestvedt and a show simply entitled Paintings by Craig Humberstone. 

Writing about her show Nancy notes:

I started this body of work with the intention of expressing visually some of the things I love about the gospel music my choir sings. Powerful, light, serious, rhythmic, jaunty, and profoundly sad, this music grew from lives full of hope and unimaginable despair. 

Partway through, the artwork hijacked itself and went off in a somewhat different direction, and since I’ve learned over the years to trust in this impenetrable process, all I could do was follow along. 

In continuing to work, I found that the structures underneath wanted to show themselves more clearly. They became grids, ladders and bridges, the colours getting more and more vivid.

At times these structures seem solid--even acting as barriers--but more often they feel transient and frail. Stumbling blocks? Access ways? Arrows? In advance of life's actual experiences, how can one know for sure which is which?

Crossing to safety is a recurring theme in gospel songs and as, it turns out, in these paintings too.

Do come along to Northart and enjoy our shows. See or phone the gallery for details of floor talks and other events. 

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