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Pardon Me? Healing Through Burps?

Yes, it sounds a little bizarre, but Albany has inherited a precious gift in the talents of  Vio Simon, a gentle and gifted massage therapist who has recently joined Pure Healthcare in Albany, and is healing in the most extraordinary way…

When Vio Simon met an elderly woman who lived a modest life in a bamboo hut in Indonesia, she had no idea that this remarkable woman would change the course of her career, and her life, by adding Vio to a lineage of healers to practice Javanese Massage.

 Vio has become a highly sought-after healer who practises Javanese massage, with a rare and incredible talent. Her unique style is difficult to put into words and could sound somewhat implausible, but Vio extraordinarily channels pain and discomfort during her treatment sessions, which manifests as gas belches coming from her mouth. Yes, Vio, I suppose, relieves ailments through burps! Once you get the giggles out of the way, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

A university anthropology graduate, Vio was academically gifted and imagined a career encompassing her anthropological interests. She also qualified at an internationally renowned Body Therapies Training  Institute in Indonesia. She had always enjoyed, and experienced her own healing from massage. Whilst visiting an elderly woman in her home country of Indonesia in 2005, Vio was trained in the ancient art of Javanese massage by this extraordinary healer/teacher. Vio explains: “She lived in a tiny house made of bamboo and I saw her as family, as she didn’t have any children of her own, and her husband had passed away. She used to massage me and my daughter and she had helped many, many people to heal.”  Vio took the opportunity to learn from this wise, elder woman who experienced involuntary coughing whenever she hit upon an area of a client’s body that contained stress, pain or injury. Vio had a similar experience saying: “After I had been massaging for about two years, I started to burp when I was treating clients!  I couldn’t help it, it just started whenever I came across an area that needed treatment. I remember how my Javanese teacher used to cough, and me, I now burp!”    After meeting her Dutch husband Robert in Indonesia, Vio moved to The Netherlands Antilles (Dutch Caribbean) where she set up her own spa. Then the time came to relocate to New Zealand with her husband and daughter Alexandra, and she began practising from their new home in New Zealand.

Modest and humble, Vio underplays her talents, but has gained widespread recognition for her healing abilities. Clients travel from as far away as Wellington and Palmerston North to be treated by her healing hands for all manner of ailments, with some experiencing life-changing outcomes for serious conditions.“I follow my hands. I could do this blind, as I just go wherever my hands lead me,” she says.  Vio has begun offering her extraordinary treatment as a new member of the Pure Healthcare team in Albany. 

The remarkable effect that Javanese Therapy Massage can have is best described in the words of her happy clients:

  • “I find Vio an exceptional healer whom I feel so very lucky to have found for massage. Vio is a gifted therapist, who practices Javanese massage. Vio's style is unique and displays a very specialized talent.”
  • “In my opinion, Vio is one of life's real gems - modest, exceptionally talented in her field and with a kindness and selflessness that is rare. I believe she has had a great impact on the lives of many people in the short time she has been based here in New Zealand, and is indeed an asset to the North Shore.”
  • “Vio is a gifted and sensitive person with genuine concern for her client."

So, whatever your niggle, large or small, or if you are just in need of a re-tune of body, mind and spirit, pay Vio a visit. Expect the extraordinary. 

by Channel Magazine