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Licensed Reclads: Your local leaky home repair experts

As our name suggests, Licensed Reclads specialises in recladding homes.  It’s all we do so we are very good at it.  Licensed Reclads is owned by Mark Wilson and Rupert Copping, two trade qualified licensed building practitioners with a wealth of knowledge and experience in the building industry. “We are an affordable, honest company that pride ourselves in producing high quality work. Our customers always leave us happy,” said Mark.

For many unfortunate North Shore leaky home owners, the winter months will have no doubt brought your homes weathertight issues to the forefront of your mind.  Leaks, no matter how small should never be ignored otherwise they can result in costly damage to the structure of your buivlding.  If caught early enough, repairing leaks can often be straightforward and inexpensive.
For most, the thought of recladding is a daunting proposition, especially if you have heard of reclad projects where costs have significantly escalated and the project run over leaving families struggling to find temporary living accommodation and excess funding.
Your choice of builder will determine how smoothly your project runs and whether or not it sticks to budget. There are several things you should consider when selecting a builder for your reclad:
Are they a licensed building practitioner? Reclad work is classified as restricted building work and as such can only be undertaken by a licensed building practitioner.
Do they have Reclad experience? This is absolutely vital.  The reclad process is not the same as the process for new builds and additions; it is a process that needs to be learnt and refined. It is important that all people involved are experienced or, better still, specialise in reclads to avoid costly errors or contracts that spiral out of control.
Who will actually be working on your home? Check that the company you engage will not subcontract your project out to another builder, these companies are about profit with no personal liability.  Always check who you are actually signing your contract with.   
Do not overlook your choice of architect, this is also very important.  Ask whether they have reclad experience, this will ensure the consent process runs smoothly.

When you choose Licensed Reclads you get:
Honest, accurate pricing with no hidden costs (we have references to support this). 
Mark or Rupert will personally project manage your job onsite themselves (they are liable for their work so they ensure it is completed to the highest standard). 
Only tradesmen with reclad experience will work on your project (we employ our own experienced staff, we do not use labour hire companies).  
Your job will start and finish on time.

For no obligation advice, estimates or quotes please contact us:
For Mark Wilson 021 556 598,
Rupert Copping 021 0235 1471, 

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