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On the Ferry with Fullers: Q&A

On the Ferry with Fullers

 Each month, Channel catches up with a passenger taking a trip from the Shore on a Fullers ferry. Commuters, visitors, day trippers, schoolchildren, and shoppers choose to travel over the water for a multitude of reasons each day, on ferry services from many North Shore spots. Ahead of this issue, we caught up with a waiting passenger who was full of smiles despite experiencing a morning dilemma ahead of her ferry trip...

Name? Nicola Smallwood
Occupation? I work for Oxfam in their Events team. I'm helping to organise the Oxfam Trailwalker event next March 28-29 in Taupo - it's a 100km walk that is done in teams of four, over 36 hours. We try to raise $1 million for Oxfam each year. 
Where's home? Campbells Bay.
Ferry crossing? Devonport to city.
Reason for catching the ferry? I try to catch the ferry twice a week over to work in the city - I don't do this every day! It normally takes the same amount of time to bike down from Campbells Bay and catch the ferry over as it does to catch the bus. I may as well get my exercise on the way!
Any memorable / amusing ferry stories? Well today I've cycled down from Campbells Bay and arrived at the ferry only to discover I've left my purse at home in Campbells Bay!  Thankfully, my Mum has come to the rescue and is very kindly dropping it down for me - I owe her several coffees for that! She's great. So that's been an unusual, and I guess quite amusing, start to the day! Besides that, I have enjoyed seeing some really beautiful sunrises whilst aboard the ferry. Once I'm off the other side, the cycle up Queen St can sometimes be quite scary! 

by Heather Vermeer