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Spring Decor Time - Victorian and Edwardian Jardinières and Large Jug Vases

 Spring often brings an inner urge to 'freshen-up'  and update your interior decor.

At Molloy's we have a big selection of lovely and unusual decor pieces ranging from period furniture, paintings & prints, art glass & pottery, figurines & statuettes, and what about  a fantastic piece of taxidermy - a badger or

a fox? 

Some of my personal 'favourites' are the genuine old jardinières and jug vases dating back to the late 1800's and early 1900's. We do have some absolutely stunning pieces in store right now as per the pictures below. These are 'statement pieces' with the jug vases being up to 30cms in height and the jardinières can be 20-25cms in height,  25-30cms in width. Prices range from around $110 to $200.

 So.... if you are seeking that rare and unusual piece that will be 'unique' to you, do come in for a look and a chat to see if we can be of help! 

by Bernard Molloy