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Roll on Spring!

August arrives and with it a sudden change of temperature – is this an early spring or just a strange quirk in the weather patterns that will change again by the time you are reading this? And will the typical cold winter weather return to remind us that we ain’t through the worst yet?  We now have lambs bouncing around our paddocks – what a wonderful sight. They are just like little kids discovering the big wide world and fearing nothing. I see a lamb do its typical bounce, probably thinking, “wow, what happened there?”  Then all of a sudden it happens again and again, and the lamb has learnt a new exciting experience in life. 

And I guess the experience of a new lamb isn’t much different to what kids go through as they grow up. However, as parents we do protect our kids from the many ‘dangers’ that are present in life and that is part of what we do in Life Education. Apart from teaching kids that they are absolutely unique – there never has been, isn’t now and never will be another person like you – we aim to help them make “smart life choices” so they don’t go down many of the possible wrong tracks that can lead to tears or some really bad consequences long term. We don’t aim to scare them to keep them away from dangers, but educate them about the possible consequences of making bad choices.    

Trevor Grice, our founding director, says if ever there’s a time for youngsters to understand what’s happening to their brain during puberty, it’s now. The pressure of society, the increase in youth suicide and easy access to drugs and alcohol make it essential for young people to understand what’s going on inside their heads.  We want to show youngsters how unique their brain is, what happens in puberty and how hormones affect the whole body. A teenage brain is all accelerator and no brake – the key to them taking responsibility is understanding what’s happening to them.  How many of us know that the brain has an electricity generator, a chemical plant and its own ventilation, irrigation, waste disposal and early warning systems?

As a Charitable Trust, we need more than $125,000 per annum to take our preventative programme to the 14,500 children we will see on North Shore this year.  Fundraising is a huge part of what we do as volunteers and we rely on the generosity of many local businesses to provide contributions or services for free. One of these services is the transport of our mobile classrooms to each of the 55 schools we visit and this is carried out by three companies. You may have seen our classrooms being shifted periodically and this is done by Smith & Davies, Boat Haulage and L W Bonney & Sons.  Without the free service provided by these generous companies, we would be in a very difficult position – thank you so much for your support of Life Education and your contribution towards the well-being of North Shore kids. 

Finally, as a fundraiser, we will be producing a 2015 Harold promotional calendar and are still looking for supporters to buy their own month for $550 + GST. This will get their name into 4000 homes on the Shore; any takers wanting to bounce into action and support North Shore kids should get in touch (contact details below).

Roll on Summer!

Barry Kirk-Burnnand 
Chair, Life Education Trust North Shore

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