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Reduce Your Mortgage Term, Keep Your Lifestyle

New Zealand Home Loans clients have thrown out the traditional slow-grind to paying off their mortgages, in favour of fast-track repayment of their mortgages.

Chandra’s experience in the Banking and Financial Services Industry spreads over more than 25 years. This provided the ideal grounding for her move to New Zealand Home Loans five years ago. 

What has changed for her is her passion and belief in what New Zealand Home Loans have to offer clients; the chance to be in control of their own financial destiny, becoming debt free faster while still having a life!   Chandra’s clients are no longer ‘just customers’ or even strangers. She relishes the chance to connect with her clients, bringing a passion and energy that has them on the right path after a single meeting. She says showing clients how they can get ahead with New Zealand Home Loans is ‘exciting, and a huge buzz’. On average we reduce our clients’ mortgage terms by 8 to 10 years, and they don’t have to change their current lifestyle. 

On top of this, we treat our clients as people, not just a number. We meet with our clients on a regular basis to make sure they are still on track to achieving their goals, and this service is free - we just want our clients to succeed and achieve their goals.

We are making a difference to people’s lives, and that makes me passionate about my role and gives me a new buzz everyday.  

New Zealand Home Loans, Takapuna Branch, 7 Anzac St Takapuna, 09 486 3923. 

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