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See in Spring in Style

Spring is here and if you were thinking it’s time to update your  look then we at Haydons think there is no better place to start than your eyewear. 

What’s hot? The latest looks from Paris and Milan have hit the shelves and you will be pleased to know colour is in, combine it with black or tortoiseshell, or be bold and wear it on its own.

Many of the designers are combining materials; plastic with metal, one colour on the front another on the side. Colour on colour, it’s all big; some have texture like wood finishes, others have a matt finish.

Plastic and retro is still leading the charge with round back in and the little black dress of eyewear is the soft curved cat’s eye, giving the face that all important lift. Cheaper than a face lift! The bigger the better, the rectangle is out.

The Nomad Paris collection combines all these things to give these looks a contemporary feel for 2014.

Tired of seeing the same frames everywhere you go? Want to see a great selection of the best from the shows of Europe? Then come into Haydons and ask our experts to show you what’s exciting and new.

The biggest fashion faux par you can make this season is not to change your tired old eyewear. 

by Channel Magazine