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Silent Movies and Pillow Talk

 It’s a bit of a tradition with family and friends, that we attend the silent movie at the Civic Theatre, on the last night of the Auckland Film Festival each year. This year it was a great classic movie “Prix de Beaute” with the Auckland Philharmonic playing the musical score. Three, sometimes four, generations of us gather for this annual pilgrimage.

It’s a wonderful night where the game is to judge the orchestra’s timing and make sure it lines up exactly with what we see happening on the screen. Does he hit the drum at exactly the time the cannon goes off, etc, etc.? It is a further part of the tradition that when the movie is over we all head off for a Japanese meal to discuss it and catch up. This year we chose Nippon Sake bar in Takapuna. A bit too noisy for Granddad though. Having taken an hour adjusting his hearing aids, to get rid of the feedback at the movie, the beating of the drums every time a customer entered the restaurant seemed to blow his head off!

Over the dinner, the new attachment in the family, who is a  fireman, was telling us how great the pillow was that he had borrowed from us on his last visit. He had previously complained of having a sore neck and had asked around for the best pillow option. His mother had suggested a memory foam pillow but that had not helped. I offered him the loan of one of the ‘hotel quality’ pillows that we have at home, which are made exclusively for Home Fabrics. He took it, as it now turns out, to be polite and to shut me up, but tried it anyway. He was so impressed with the difference that, like Linus, he now takes it to work with him when he is on the night shift.

The difference is that any pillow filled with a man-made fibre must have a spring built into that fibre to maintain its shape and loft back up. This means that as your head rests on it, the spring pushes back against it and thus the muscles in the neck can never relax. Feather and down naturally trap air to do this and so do not have this problem. Man made fibres can also be full of toxins and we don’t want them right next to our heads. (Check out “memory foam toxins” online sometime.)

At Home Fabrics we stock eight different options in down and feather pillows, all exclusive to us . From the ultra soft 95% down to the firm all feather pillow. The hotel pillows are actually the same as those made for large hotel chains and have a pillow of firm feathers wrapped in an outer pillow of soft 50% down. They come in two qualities; soft and firm. 

My personal favourite is actually sold as the “Ultimate Pillow.” This is one we developed years ago to help our own crook necks and has a lumbar roll on each edge to give extra support to the neck. I cannot travel away without packing mine in the case, I am so attached to it. Next time you are in Takapuna call in and ask about the range available or have a look at .We have 20% off all feather pillows in September and they make a great Father’s Day gift.

Next time he is over I will also make sure that the new attachment tries one of our luxurious feather mattress toppers. I am sure he will love those too and want to always sleep on one, though he might look a bit stupid carrying one into the station next time he has night shift!

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