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Platinum Too Pricey? Think Again!

Over the last few years we've seen lots of changes and volatility in the precious metal markets (these being gold, silver, and platinum).  We've seen China going berserk, snapping up and buying gold (and as much of it as they could get their hands on) when the international gold price dipped at the threat/rumour of Cyprus having to sell their reserves in order to help float and stabilise their economy.

It's been a very interesting ride and, locally, we've had several requests for fine gold bars and fine silver bars, that people have either bought as investments for themselves or an ideal and very unique gift.

What has been very evident is the 'new affordability' of platinum - YES platinum! The most precious, enduring, king of metals. This new affordability is a result of other metals, like 18ct white gold maintaining it's higher price, and therefore there is only a smaller difference in price between 18ct white gold and platinum.

So, what we are finding is that when you - the customer - are making an informed decision, when purchasing a piece of fine jewellery or a diamond ring and weighing up the small difference in price, 90% of the decisions have gone toward platinum.

And why not?  It's an incredible precious metal!

On this basis, at Fifth Avenue Diamond Jewellers, we have created a very special and exclusive range of platinum diamond rings - appropriately named, The Premium Platinum Collection.

This special collection features 'D' colour diamonds (the best colour you could possibly have) and 'Excellent' make (the best cut you could possibly have).  You may recall an article I wrote several months back relating to the importance of cutting and proportions when it comes to diamonds; the more superior the cut, the brighter the diamond will be - it's like a 'little party' going on inside the diamond! 

So, you've got the perfect metal, the perfect colour and perfect cut - all this, for your perfect love (yes - it's all about the romance guys!).

The Premium Platinum Collection starts from as little as $3,295 - you have the very best of everything and all starting from a very attractive price point.  We are building a very comprehensive collection of solitaires, contemporary styles and 'halo' designs.

Each piece has it's own unique certificate of authenticity and an independent diamond certificate, giving you complete and total piece of mind about it's quality.

It's also that time of year again, where we head off on our special buying trip to see some of our suppliers and bring back special truly magnificent pieces, not only for stock, but I also usually have a shopping list for specific customer orders and requests.

When I was away earlier this year I had several customers who wanted specific gemstones. I managed to find some very interesting and truly exquisite stones, such as a 4.92ct fine Brazilian tourmaline, a 5.00ct Thai blue sapphire and the most outstanding diamond I have ever sold - a 0.75ct natural fancy pink diamond.  It was absolutely sensational - the colour and the cut of this stone was amazing (it had taken me over five months to locate such a diamond - and I had been hunting all over the world!).

So, if you're looking for something special, it doesn't matter whether it is a small piece of turquoise, to fix an old family piece, or whether you're looking for a special diamond, give Kerryn or myself a call and we'll get it for you.

Take care, Adrian Turner. 

Fifth Avenue Diamond Jewellers, Shore City, Takapuna, Ph: 09 489 4905 

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