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Beauty is Key for Cosi

Thinking of opening a gorgeous store?
I spoke with many shop owners I knew through being a wholesaler before I opened my first store 15 years ago. No-one said 'go for it!' In fact, quite the opposite…they were very discouraging!
Needless to say my romantic side won out after I saw the cutest little store full of possibilities and potential. It's good to listen to others' advice and then listen to your heart, and decide which one to follow!
Deciding to follow my heart and my bliss, I went from being a New Zealand wide wholesaler of my photographic images on cards and candles, to a retailer - with no experience, apart from having been self-employed for most of my life.
My first purchases were done with such trepidation that I would only buy something if I loved it so much I would be happy to take it home.  Which, ironically (I realise as I am writing this), has continued to be a core philosophy.  My home and my stores are a reflection of who I am and what I love. I am passionate about surrounding myself with objects with meaning and beauty.   Minimalism is not in my vocabulary!
Owning a store held for me all my loves: Buying beautiful things, surrounding myself with beauty, creating beautiful environments, attracting beautiful customers, designing beautiful displays, travelling for inspiration and buying - BEAUTY was my key! 
Being self-employed does also come with the less creative side for me - 'paperwork'.  Having received a hideously low score in school certificate accounting,  this is where I took on expertise from those who love accounting.

If you are thinking of going into business my thoughts are:

  • Start small and grow and learn, and grow and learn some more and keep evolving
  • Employ people who have the skills you don’t, or don’t enjoy
  • Follow your bliss, with each step of the journey, check in with yourself that it still holds true 
  • Do what you do uniquely, with inspiration from what you see around you and love (be a leader not a follower…)
I love this quote from Kahil Gibran: 'Let the beauty you love, be what you do.'

Cosi Fan Tutte news:
Our new store in the lovely old villa at 134 Hinemoa Street is now open. (The PURPLE has gone!)  We are overflowing with gorgeous stock from around the world, Lisa and Leanne look forward to your visit.   Like Cosi Fan Tutte on Facebook. 

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