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Enjoying the beach and lake, Geoff’s living the perfect life in Takapuna banner


Enjoying the beach and lake, Geoff’s living the perfect life in Takapuna

Geoff Bonham lives in the Windermere Apartments near Lake Pupuke in Takapuna. He’s a long time resident of the Shore and is passionate about the conditions of our beautiful waterfront. Channel Mag put a few questions to Geoff about his local area, beach cleaning machines and parking prices in 'Taka'.

Courtney Bennett: How long have you lived in Takapuna?
Geoff Bonham:
I moved to Takapuna in 1947 so I have been here for 67 years.

CB: Have you always lived on the Shore?
I lived in Palmerston North for two years from 1970 to 1972 then Rotorua in 73 and 74 before returning to Takapuna.

CB: Why is the heart of Takapuna such a great place to live?
It’s the best for the ease of being able to walk around the whole area in 20 minutes.

CB: Do you prefer the beach or the lake for a stroll?
We prefer the beach to take a walk, which we do most days.

CB: Where is your favourite restaurant or café in your area?
Little Red Cup, Latin Larder, Honey, Zomer. On Saturday’s we like Jam, and on Sunday’s we head to Massimo.

CB: You live in the Windermere Apartments, what’s the best thing about apartment living?
The ease of being on one floor and having a great view of the City. We like being by the lake, seeing up to Gulf Harbour and the Gulf in general.

CB: What activities would you recommend to people visiting Takapuna and the surrounding North Shore area?
The walk from Takapuna to Milford via the coast, around the rocks and past Thorne Bay. Also Takapuna to Narrow Neck at low tide. I would also recommend visiting the Lake (Pupuke) and a walk to the shops of Takapuna.

CB: Do you work locally?
Yes I work from home now, I had business in Takapuna then Albany.

CB: Is there anything to complain about around Takapuna?
Yes I wish they would buy a beach cleaning machine so the beach looks pristine all the time and also move the Sunday Market to Hurstmere Rd so the car park is free for vistors to park in.  It would also be great to make Saturday and Sunday parking around Takapuna free.

CB: Do you have a favourite local event that you look forward to?
Yes I love the 24 hour yacht race on the Lake and the cycling event around Takapuna. The Beach Series on a Tuesday during the Summer is also a favourite.

CB: Do you get Channel delivered to your letterbox every month?

CB: If we moved out of Takapuna we would move to…
: A retirement village, possibly North Bridge.

by Courtney Bennett