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The colours are singing at The Poynton

The Poynton retirement village in Takapuna prides itself on its ability to give residents the freedom to do the things they really love. For one group this newfound freedom has turned into a passion for art – which is now proudly on display in the village’s own gallery. 
Anne Buckley is one resident who has been in and around art for most of her life. She’s taught art in a variety of educational environments, she’s tutored at Mairangi Bay Art Gallery and she’s tried her hand at everything from acrylics to watercolours to pottery to screenprinting.
At The Poynton Anne has taken a group of keen residents under her wing, teaching them fine art two days a week. “I get a huge amount of satisfaction from passing on the skills and techniques I’ve learned over the years. Some of the ladies I teach have really caught the art ‘bug’ and literally can’t wait to paint their next piece. It’s fantastic,” says Anne.
“We’re lucky to have such wonderful facilities at The Poynton. The art and craft room is fantastic. We have plenty of space to spread out and we can store all our bits and pieces in the one place. And of course we have this great gallery space up on the first floor, where we can put all our work on display.”
When you move into The Poynton, residents find they have a lot more time on their hands because they’re not spending hours on the chores they used to do on the house.  This means they can try their hand at new hobbies and develop new interests such as painting.
Every six to eight weeks The Poynton hosts a new art exhibition and during July it’s the turn of Anne and her Poynton art class. Anne has named the exhibit “Let the colours sing”, which describes the freedom that each person has explored as they discover their creative side. 
While Anne has exhibited many times over the years, this will be a new experience for most of the contributors and no doubt quite nerve racking. But that’s one of the great things about this art exhibition – not only have the residents developed a new passion and learnt a new skills, they’ve gone outside their comfort zone which has been stimulating and invigorating for all.

To find out more about the retirement lifestyle on offer at The Poynton, 142 Shakespeare Road, Takapuna, simply call Jan
on 09 488 5711. 

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