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Rosmini College: "Bring back our girls" banner

Education: Rosmini College

Rosmini College: "Bring back our girls"

The “Bring back our girls” campaign, over the kidnapping of hundreds of Nigerian schoolgirls, has gained much momentum in recent months on social media. Needless to say it has come to the attention of many students at Rosmini College and has been a topic of much discussion.
As young men who believe in justice for all humankind, we feel that this is a campaign we must not ignore. The evil of the kidnapping, slavery and abuse of women is an injustice issue that is not just confined to Nigeria. It is a symptom of injustice towards women that exists in almost all cultures throughout the world.
Social justice is about treating all people with human dignity. What has happened in Nigeria flies in the face of human dignity in a glaringly obvious manner that has disgusted millions of people worldwide. In solidarity we all “want our girls back” in the care of their families.
At the same time as the world’s eyes have been opened wide by this injustice that must be put right, the same eyes need to look at the fact that abuse of women is a worldwide injustice that needs to be addressed.
Boko Haram has been rightly vilified by all who are outraged at the kidnappings. These men are the perpetrators of this inhumane act. It is good to see, what started as a largely women’s campaign to find these girls, is now a campaign involving both sexes.
We men need to understand that injustice against women still exists in our own society and that we are the perpetrators of this. It will be so good if at some time in the near future the Nigerian school girls are returned to their families. But, in a sense, this campaign will have been a failure unless we men realistically address injustice against women in our own society and work to ‘bring back our own girls’ to the dignified position they deserve, especially in employment and family life.
By all means let’s shout out for justice in Nigeria but, at the same time, let’s also start raising our voices for justice for women in our own country.

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