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Food Technology creates opportunities for Rosmini College boys to revolutionise cooking banner

Education: Rosmini College

Food Technology creates opportunities for Rosmini College boys to revolutionise cooking

Rosmini College Food Technology students have been part of a worldwide ‘Food Revolution Day’, hosted by Jamie Oliver and taste-tested international food, produced by Chris Fortune. They have been part of the ‘Teens Can Cook’ programme and been shown the delicate art of cake decorating by Nina, ‘Make Cakes’ Pretty.
Rosmini’s Year 9 Food Technology students enjoyed a morning of cooking and tasting different international food with Chris Fortune from ‘Teens Can Cook’ kitchen. The students learnt about healthy food choices and saw first-hand just how much sugar is used in fizzy drinks. Chris Fortune demonstrated how easy it is to cook a simple French dish – crepes filled with spinach and apple and an Italian dish – gnocchi and vegetable sauce.
The students loved the idea of taste testing and most dishes received the thumbs up. Two students were chosen as Chris’s sous chefs. They loved the opportunity to work alongside a real chef. The enthusiasm and knowledge of Chris, from the programme ‘Teens Can Cook’ had an impact on the students, showing them the importance of choosing healthy options and being aware of what is contained in our food. Chris is taking this programme around New Zealand and has already impacted on 35000 young citizens in schools around New Zealand.
The second event was held on the 16th May 2014. It was ‘Jamie Oliver’s – Food Revolution Day’, which saw thousands of students around the world creating and cooking food. Rosmini students watched the live streaming of his show and successfully produced a rainbow wrap. The students enjoyed creating the wrap and learning the benefits of vegetables.
The Year 8 students have been focusing on designing a product for a client and this year the theme is to create and decorate a birthday cake for a stakeholder. Students were very lucky to have guest cake decorator Nina, from ‘Make Pretty Cakes’, teach them the intricate art of cupcake decorating. The students were very excited and produced some clever ‘alien’ themed figurines out of fondant. The experience has given them skills to use on their project and the confidence to go home and bake and decorate amazing cakes for their family.

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