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Education: Kristin School

Kristin’s Proven Format for a Safe Senior Ball

For the fourth consecutive year, Kristin’s senior students have enjoyed a glamorous evening at their Senior Ball and After Party.

Held at Auckland’s Vector Arena on Saturday 14 June, Kristin’s Senior Ball and After Party are two distinctly different events. The Ball itself is a formal affair, held in the main arena. Complete with ball dresses and dinner suits, the Ball features a buffet dinner and live music by Black Salt. Online student voting determines the King and Queen, and the photography station is inevitably a major attraction throughout the night. In contrast, the After Party is relaxed, fun and informal. Students change into casual clothes and move into a new venue within the Vector complex where live DJ duo Sweet Mix Kids provide the music and a jovial atmosphere takes over.

The emphasis of both parts of the evening is on celebration and fun, and students have embraced the alcohol-free format with great enthusiasm.

Year 13 student Emma Poole, Chairman of the Senior School’s Events and Hosting Committee which is behind the Senior Ball and After Party, said that her team were absolutely thrilled with this year’s event. “It was incredibly rewarding to see all of our team’s hard work come to life. We’ve been planning this night since October… it was like seeing our dreams come true when we walked into the venue.” Senior School Principal Mr Brendan Kelly says that having clear and transparent protocols has been key in organising the safe and exciting annual event. “We take great care in the planning and security around our events. The safety of our students is our highest priority, and the last four years have proven that we don’t need to compromise safety in order to provide our students with a fun and special occasion. We could not run a school-sanctioned Ball and After Party without the support and buy-in of our students. They have embraced the format and we have enjoyed four highly successful events as a result.” Today’s Year 12 and 13 students have grown up with the two-part event at Kristin, and based on the examples set by previous years, Emma believes in this format for the Ball and After Party. “I can see that the inclusion of the After Party is a positive addition. It provides a more relaxed and casual environment for after the Ball, and I think a key to its success is in ensuring that the two events are held within the same venue but stay very separate. Our committee strived to achieve a more light-hearted atmosphere at the After Party so it really felt like a different event, not just an extension of the Ball, and the result is that our guests had a great time at both events.”

Mr Kelly is proud of the example set by Kristin’s senior students. “Ultimately, the success of any school-sanctioned event is determined by the actions of the students. This year our students have once again demonstrated what responsibly young people we have hear at Kristin; it is a pleasure to work with them on an event such as this.”


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