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Education: Kristin School

Karl Urban Opens Canon Cloud Suite at Kristin

Students who are passionate about creative technologies now have access to a new and exciting suite of opportunities at Kristin. A brand-new facility has been developed to provide students with the tools, space and inspiration to explore the world of multimedia, and is set to become the hub of creative technologies at Kristin.
Opened on 18 June by New Zealand actor Karl Urban (Lord of the Rings, Star Trek), the Canon Cloud Suite features a 9-metre wide green screen and professional-grade film, lighting, sound and post production equipment, and the latest digital video cameras from Canon, including the Canon C100 and XF205.
At the opening of the facility, Karl Urban spoke passionately about the work that can be done by students with the tools they now have at their disposal. Referencing film greats such as Steven Spielberg and J.J. Abrams, two world-renowned directors who began making short films in their teenage years, Mr Urban urged students to get creating. “Don’t wait to leave school to start your careers. If this is what you are interested in, start now.”
Kristin’s Deputy Head Boy and recent TEDxYouth speaker, Christian Silver, gave a compelling presentation about the risks associated with relying on ‘out of the box’ and easily accessible tools such as Instagram, iMovie and Prezi in regards to creativity. “When the software is doing everything for us, we don’t develop our creative skills with technology… we so easily become complacent. There is no bypassing the creative process. With the Canon Cloud Suite, there is no longer a gatekeeper to the world of industry standard software. It’s open for everyone and the process is exposed… we’re now able to create beautiful things in the digital world, using all the tools that are available to us.”
The development of a new multimedia centre has been a priority for the school, which is renowned for its innovation in technology. Executive Principal Peter Clague is proud of the facility and says that its location at the heart of the school is no coincidence. “The Canon Cloud Suite is an exciting addition to our creative facilities here at Kristin. We have a great number of students who utilise multimedia and creative technology in their learning. To provide such a facility will enable these students to further develop their skills and ideas, preparing them for a world driven by creative ideas and innovation.”
Kristin’s partnership with Canon goes well beyond a simple supply agreement. As well as providing the latest camera technology for the Canon Cloud Suite, the partnership will provide students with extensive technical support, exposure to the latest products and trends, and the opportunity to participate in industry related exhibitions and competitions. Canon representatives will also be spending time in the school’s classrooms to see first-hand how digital technology is utilised in Kristin’s school-wide digital learning programme.
Craig Williams, General Manager of Canon NZ, feels very privileged to be partnered with Kristin. “The facilities that Kristin provides through these new technologies, the outputs and the learning environment they create for the students, are quite spectacular. What really appealed to us at Canon was [Kristin’s] focus on innovation. This focus on forward thinking has very strong parallels to what exists within Canon.”
The space will now become home to the school’s two television clubs, KTV and WIP, while providing high-quality tools for young and enterprising filmmakers and enabling creative exploration for students from the Junior, Middle and Senior Schools.

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