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On the Ferry with Fullers: Q&A

On the Ferry with Fullers

Starting the working day with a ferry ride across the water is one of the pleasures that often comes with living on the Shore. Services from several of the North Shore’s coastal suburbs such as Devonport, Bayswater, Birkenhead and Beach Haven allow commuters to relax and unwind on their journey to and from work. Each month, Channel chats to a ferry passenger taking the trip across the water. For July, we caught up with a Devonport resident who was enjoying a coffee on his commute.

Name and rank?

Carl Robinson, I.T. recruitment for Absolute I.T. I’ve been in I.T. recruitment for 14 years now, having worked in London and Cardiff prior to Auckland.

Where’s home?
Cheltenham Beach, Devonport. But originally I’m a ‘valleys boy’ from Wales.

Which crossing?
Devonport to the city.

Why catch the ferry?
It’s a no hassle way to travel to work. I can avoid the bridge and don’t have to worry about parking. I generally bring my scooter down to the ferry. It’s so easy.

Any particularly memorable crossings?
I’ve been lucky to have seen dolphins from the ferry on many occasions. And the ferry has only ever broken down once during the time I’ve been using the service. 

What do you like to do whilst on board?
I do like to enjoy a nice Sauvignon Blanc on the way home from time to time! 

And finally, do you have a favourite captain - nautical or otherwise?Being a massive Welsh rugby fan, I’d have to go for one of the Wales players. Not that he was a captain, but Gareth Edwards would have to be one of my heroes, as would Sir David Attenborough, and another would be Jim Morrison! Not captains at all, but all heroes of mine!

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