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Dog Safety for Shore Kids

The dangers that dogs can pose to children are being pointed out in a series of training sessions to keep Shore kids safe around our four-legged friends.

DogHQ in Wairau Park has kindly gifted their space on the first Saturday of each month to allow a Keep Kids Safe From Dog Attack course to take place.   Co-ordinator of the ‘Sam’s Dog Rules’ course, Amanda Jackson said: “So far we've taught more than 8000 children in schools free of charge.  We've started running the public courses so that we can teach even more children how to be safe and also to assist with the costs associated with our school visits.”  
Amanda assists dog behaviourist Annie Aubreydog who runs the courses, which started in June and will be held on the first Saturday of the month at noon and cost $25.   She said: “The course helps children understand dog language, helps them overcome fear of dogs and also helps children increase their self esteem and confidence.”
Under supervision, children get to understand what dogs are trying to tell them, and through Sam, a real live dog, they learn a simple set of dog safe rules and how to put them into practice.  Once children understand the rules, how they apply to dogs, and the instinctive code by which dogs live, a totally different outcome is possible.  By the end of the programme, children who might previously have been terrified of dogs are usually able to safely interact, an outcome that, Amanda says, ‘has to be seen to be believed’.

Places are limited, and booking is required. More information is on the website:
Sam's Dog Rules,, Phone Annie: 07 868 1438  or  027 282 9747

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