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Life Education North Shore - We’re heading in the right direction

I had the good fortune recently to spend a few days in both Nelson and Rotorua. These lovely clear and crisp autumn days, with beautiful blue skies, make you appreciate what a stunning part of the world we live in. And isn’t it nice to hear positive things? Too often we see all the negative news in newspapers or on TV when there is so much positive stuff going on all around us.

Take the results of a very comprehensive survey, “Youth 12”, completed by Auckland University in 2013, for example. This survey interviewed thousands of under 18-year-old students across New Zealand in 2001 then again in 2012 and compared the results — some of the statistics are so pleasing to see. Here’s a few:

Ever tried smoking – decreased from 53% (2001) to 23% (2012)
Smoking cigarettes weekly – decreased from 16% (2001) to 5% (2012)
Ever tried marijuana – decreased from 39% (2001) to 23% (2012)
Binge drinking in last four weeks – decreased from 40% (2001) to 23% (2012)
Driven by someone who has been drinking – decreased from 29% (2001) to 18% (2012)
Experienced sexual abuse/coercion – decreased from 12% (2001) to 5% (2012)

Although we should all be aiming to reduce the above figures even more, isn’t it great to see the trends heading in the right direction? And what we see above is something we at Life Education are so proud to see, because we know what we do is contributing to these trends. 
In primary and intermediate schools, we teach some 40 different lessons, each selected by the schools we visit, and they all fall under five basic modules:
Body Systems - where we teach children about the wonders of their bodies and how they function.
Food & Nutrition - where we teach them what food the body needs to function correctly.
Social Relationships - where the children learn respect for others and how to handle conflict.
Self Esteem - where the children learn that they are unique. They also learn that they’re responsible for the consequences of the decisions they make.
Then at intermediate school we discuss ‘Substances’ - where children learn to understand the difference between helpful and harmful drugs, and the impact they can have on people’s lives.
If parents want to learn more about what we do, we run parent-only classes at every school we visit, and we welcome their attendance and participation. Annually, we see around 14,500 children in our lessons on North Shore and over a two-year period, we will visit 90 percent of all North Shore schools. For the month of July, our giraffe mascot Harold and our two educators will be at the following schools: Target Road Primary, Kristin Junior School, Murrays Bay Intermediate and Pinehurst Primary.           

The attached photos are from a magic day at the Skycity Breakers’ home base at Mairangi Bay where earlier this year around 80 Life Education children were invited to a “Breakers Experience”. Every child was involved in a training session, and had a chance to shoot some hoops with the tall guys and get signatures from the players. Then all went home with a free basketball. A fantastic time was had by all — thanks to the Breakers!
Until next month... enjoy every day of your life – Barry Kirk-Burnnand

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