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2014 AIMES Awards applications now open

Around $120,000 worth of grants available for our youngsters achieving excellence in their chosen fields.

The North Harbour Club and Charitable Trust is now seeking applications from young people from the region for the 2014 AIMES Awards. Applications are now open and will close on August 8th. The awards will be presented at a black tie dinner at the Bruce Mason Centre in Takapuna in early November.

Around $120,000 worth of grants are made each year to young people achieving excellence in the chosen field, with a total of over $1.5 million worth of AIMES Awards grants having been presented since their inception almost 20 years ago.
The North Harbour Club and Charitable Trust is made up of around 130 local people who are leaders in local affairs, business, education, sport and social development. The Club was established in 1995 with a three-fold ambition; To promote the region; For business establishments of the region to meet and network for the good of the region; To form a Charitable Trust to raise funds and present scholarships to the youth of the North Harbour region through the trusts annual AIMES Awards.

"As a not-for-profit organisation we are hugely proud of the achievements we have made over the past two decades," says President Matthew Bellingham. "The AIMES Awards are the focus for the club. We all get a great deal of pleasure raising funds annually with many enjoyable events through the year, culminating in handing out grants to around 15 local youngsters who we deem to be achieving excellence in their chosen field."
To qualify for the AIMES Awards, recipients must be aged between 13 and 25 and have shown outstanding ability or potential in the areas of the Arts, IT, Innovation & Science, Music, Education, Sport and Service to the Community.

"The neat thing about the AIMES Awards programme is that the founders of the club, way back in 1995, decided that they should be spread across a whole range of sectors," adds Matthew Bellingham. "These awards are not just for sports people or musicians, they are also for academics, those in the arts, youngsters who are working in the community and also those clever people who are doing wonderful things in information technology and science."

AIMES Award recipients in 2013 included; a musical theatre performer; a scientist; a singer; a scholar; a sailor; a community volunteer working in Hondurus.  "This year we will give away a minimum of $120,000 to up to 15 individuals. Each of the category winners will receive $10,000. Then the overall winner from that group will receive a further substantial sum of $15,000 to $20,000. The minimum grant we will make will be to our 'Emerging Talent' group who will receive $5000 each."

The overall 'supreme' winner – in 2012 it was golfer Lydia Ko and in 2013 singer/songwriter Ella Yelich-O'Connor (aka Lorde) –  also gets the Sir Peter Blake Trophy, with all recipients being presented with framed certificates.
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How To Apply For An Aimes Award In 2014
Applying for an AIMES Award is very simple. Initial applications can be made online.
These applications will be considered by our team of judges. Usually there are 80 to 100 applications which are carefully considered by judges who will research and make enquiries as required. A shorter list will be determined with all these applicants interviewed by judges before they select the AIMES Award recipients for the year.
To be eligible to apply for a North Harbour Club AIMES Award in 2014, applicants must:-

  • Be aged between 13-25 years as at Friday 8th August 2014.
  • Have lived in the North Harbour region and/or can demonstrate a strong affiliation with the North Harbour region for a period of not less than two calendar years.
  • Be able to demonstrate the achievement of excellence in their chosen field.
  • Be able to complete all sections and meet the expectations of the application form in full as requested.

Apply online at:

by Aidan Bennett