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Highbury Shopping Centre: News

Magic at Mystiqa

From nautical treasures to necklaces, crystals to cushions, Mystiqa has a multitude of treats and trinkets from all corners of the Earth.

In the community hub of the Highbury Centre, Mohammed and Jennifer Naeem have been selling their wares to locals and visitors for over
three years. 
Mohammed moved to the North Shore from India 22 years and has never looked back, marrying Jennifer and making a home on her home turf. Having worked in the wholesale of nautical-themed items for 10 years, Mohammed and Jennifer decided to set up a pop-up shop in the Highbury Centre in 2011 to retail the products they had sourced. It was a success and they stayed put.

“People may think that most of our stock comes from India, but that accounts for about 25% of what we sell. We buy from Australia, Turkey, Egypt, Malaysia, Singapore and more.  Sometimes we just go to the local bazaars and pick things up for retail. We look for homewares, clothing, lamps, and more. The nautical items we sell are quite a niche market. These are items that are hard to find elsewhere.”

Telescopes, compasses, weather gauges, sextents and even an old divers’ helmets are among the seafaring treasures sold. Tiffany lamps, Swarovski crystal ornaments, sterling silver and gemstone pendants are also an attraction in this eclectic store. Quality cotton rugs are also a recent arrival, with prices for bathroom and living room rugs as low as $25 or $49 dollars for small and larger sizes.  

Community-minded couple Mohammed and Jennifer like to help out with local fund-raising events and efforts - they recently supported Birkenhead College in a fundraising initiative. “It’s a great community we have here,” said Mohammed.  

Mystiqa, Highbury Centre,
Corner of Highbury Bypass and Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead
09 418 2786.

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