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HOME STAGING & STYLING with Kate Alexander

Layering: It works in winter, and in a home

This month, stylist Kate Alexander offers tips on shopping for interior items…

I've been reflecting lately, must be the dark chilly nights, perfect for contemplation.
Looking back through my photo collection I stumbled across some pictures of our house, taken soon after we moved in. At the time I was so excited by the result that I took up an offer to showcase our home on an international design blog and then a national home magazine. For me it was the ultimate compliment and gave a sense of completion. Naively I thought the house was near perfect and finished.
Two years later our house has a much a deeper story to tell. We've lived there long enough to get in the swing of how it works through the seasons. I've re-arranged each room multiple times. Shifted artwork to different walls. Toyed with rug, or no rug. Added more cushions and bought many plants indoors.

To some our home might feel too full. Others might see gaps. That balance is different for each individual. What I believe is that with order, you can fit quite alot into a space. Each item you add makes a home more your own and more interesting.
In life we seem to gather objects, be they from travels, as gifts, from nature. Layer these into your house and you will find the story gets richer. Add a rug to the floor. Put a throw over your bed. Hang some art. Put a plant on top of a pile of books. Gather your kitchen bench essentials onto an interesting tray. Push the boundaries to find your own limit for how much is too much.
A trick for getting a different viewpoint of your own home. Take a photo of the room, before and after you work on it. How do you feel and what do you see when you look at the picture? Often you can spot details and opportunities this way.

While it's cold outside, have fun layering inside.

by Kate Alexander