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The joys of having house guests...

Bad Jelly and I have had some very good friends living with us for the last few months while they have renovated their home. It has been very much like geriatric flatting and great fun! In the morning we all sit in the kitchen taking our various medications. Then we begin the day with a reading of the horoscopes and an analysis of how they apply to each of us (somehow mine can always be interpreted, by the others, that it is a good day to start a diet). This is followed by lively discussion of  the answers to the Herald quiz, before we all head off to work.

It has been very interesting to watch them make all the decisions around every aspect of the changes to their home. From the size of the decks, to the window placement and colour of the stain. Now they are starting on the exciting bit. The bathrooms and kitchen first.  Everything from handles, taps and bench tops to floors, appliances and carpets have all been discussed and dissected in great detail.
Access to their home has been a bit restricted so the other night I found myself up the ladder, in our hallway, interchanging  various downlights so they could observe the style, brightness, spread and colour of each option. Of course we had to bear in mind that the effect in their home maybe a little different to what it was in ours. It would have been so much easier viewed in the rooms they were intended for.
That is one of the great things about the service we offer here at Home Fabrics. We will bring a full soft furnishing consultation to your home at no charge and our design expert, Michelle, will offer advice on all aspects of your décor, including things we don’t sell, like carpet and paint colours. We are sure that you will receive practical advice on your furnishing needs including things like insulation, fabric suitability, colour trends and motorisation. Of course it is important that this is all personalised to your needs and interior decor because so often we see what is known as “One Scheme Decorators” who sell the same plan over and over again with only a slight twist and really no acknowledgement of your individual requirements. We will then give a fully detailed quotation, which often includes substantial discounts, and make and install your furnishings using our own team of professional installers.
Why not give us a call about you next decorating project? You will be surprised how simple we can make the whole is no where near as difficult as the Herald Quiz!

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