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Cam Calkoen: Bending Perceptions, Inspiring Change

Cam Calkoen is an inspirational speaker who is bending perceptions to inspire change and an attitude of awesomeness through simple, lasting human truths. Passionate about the Shore this column reflects the awesomeness that surrounds us and the potential we all have to achieve a personal best.

One of the biggest challenges facing millions of people daily is getting out of bed in the morning and looking forward to going to work.
 A lot of people go through the motions to fulfill a function, to earn some dollars, to live a life.  We all know that there is more. The key is finding it. It’s having the positive mindset in the first instance then the motivation and confidence to seek. In my journeys I am privileged to meet a spread of people who dabble between fulfilling a motion and seeking excellence. Those who go onto achieve more have desire, passionate belief, commitment, focus and most significantly they take action.
In Taupo I met a young guy with the DESIRE to be a V8 motorsport champion racing in Australia and following the road of the greats who have led their tread before him. In a world with an abundance of opportunity it is easy to become overwhelmed by desire but in realizing we cant have everything all at the same time the sooner we can shoot for the stars with one desire the higher our probability of landing on top of the world. The power of DESIRE is nothing new but we must have the PASSIONATE BELIEF that what we do will take us to where we want to be and that where we have been does not need to be where we are going. Right now we are celebrating the goals of the soccer world cup but within those boots are the dreams and aspirations of individuals who have displayed passion at the highest level. The tears of joy and emotion that come through each kick is a reflection of someone who has competed against millions and shown the passion to win the thrill of representing their country – let’s commend them all for that.
If we want to be champions of our lives we need to COMMIT beyond the initial hype of a goal. We need to see the admin of our dreams as a process as rewarding as the result. Many people say one thing but lose FOCUS, thus diluting the power of desire and passionate belief.
Most recently I’ve seen a good friend step outside the comfort-zone of her day-to-day job by recognizing the importance of change through applying for a job with one of the worlds leading web-based companies. This environment appeals to her desire and belief and she is committed to the journey of getting there. By taking the ACTION of applying for the job, she is set to achieve more whatever the end result, because action breeds action. It’s not always the smartest or most talented people who reap the glory of life and live for more than the statuesque, it’s those who take massive action toward their desire that we admire.
Where are you at? Are you embracing all that you could? If you’re practicing desire, passion, commitment, focus and action then you are truly digging for awesome. If this is new to you or read as if for the first time choose to embrace one of these over the next month to get your hand on the spade.

by Cam Calkoen