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What difference a frame makes

A glasses frame can be just a lens holder, a weight that leaves red marks on your nose and cuts into the back of your ears, or an annoyance when the screws fall out and the nosepads break off. Or it can be a part of your wardrobe you enjoy wearing. An item that is comfortable, reliable and brings you pleasure when people compliment you on how “nice your glasses look”.

Haydon Optometrists are an independent optometry practice. This gives them the freedom to hand pick an extensive range of optical frames that will tick all the boxes for you – and more.  With the help of the dispensing team, led by the Dispensing Optician Sharon, the frame selection can be an enjoyable and image changing experience.  It’s amazing what a difference a frame makes to the wearers appearance and mood. It warrants some time and attention. It is, after all, your face you are putting it on.
Haydons’ frames represent design and quality. They have the best in both handmade and production line frames. French framemaker Anne et Valentin produces handmade frames. Once the frame and arms of a plastic frame are cut out of a plastic sheet, producing a finished pair of glasses will take the Anne et Valentin team another 30 steps.
That’s time and attention to detail to achieve their goal of “making eyewear that makes heads turn”. These heads could be turning to look at you, when you wear a frame from Haydon Optometrists.

Haydon Optometrists,
159 Hurstmere Road, Takapuna
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