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Creating a thriving business from a hobby is by no means easy, but that is exactly what John and Patrice Vivian have achieved in the last 20 years with Shore Hi-Fi in Byron Ave, Takapuna. John and his team of passionate and knowledgeable staff know a thing or two about sound, and they want to help their customers find ‘their sound’ with the right equipment.

“It doesn’t feel like coming to work when you are doing what you love, and we are passionate about bringing our customers closer to the music,” enthuses Shore Hi-Fi employee Palmer, who has been working alongside John for the past year and a half and has been in the industry for 25 years.
Always ready to advise customers on the latest sounds, the team has certainly seen a lot of changes over the years, but they have particularly enjoyed the modern resurgence of the turntable. “We have always sold record players here,” says Palmer. “There is something organic about the sound coming from a record. When you put on a vinyl, you have to sit down and listen to the music - no flicking to a different song at a press of a button!” he says, adding, “Definitely something to enjoy with a glass of wine!”

While they have seen a lot of changes in technology, the biggest, they note, has been how we store and get our music today. The team at Shore Hi-Fi has always been there to aid and advise their customers on new systems. “We have guided our customers through the seduction of CDs, the resurgence of vinyl, and modern day streaming. We aim to explain things without all the technical jargon, to help people find the right equipment for them, and understand how they will benefit from it.” After all, as Palmer notes, it’s not always about the equipment: “Everyone enjoys their music differently. It’s about finding the right ‘sound’ for the right person, and seeing the enjoyment they get from listening to their music.”
Shore Hi-Fi caters to every budget. They truly believe in the ‘small acorns grow to be big Oak trees’ philosophy. So, whether you’re just starting on your audio quest or you’re at the ‘now give me a no holds barred system’, the guys at Shore Hi-Fi will know exactly what you need. If you’re building or renovating, upgrading or downsizing, pop in and have a chat about your options. They have done the research for you – now it’s up to you to sit back, relax and enjoy the soothing sounds.

Shore Hi-Fi, 1 Byron Ave, Takapuna, P: 09 486 4494.

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