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INTERIOR TRENDS: with Amanda Niell

The Hub of the Home

The kitchen is the hub of any home. Amanda Neill, leading Auckland Interior Designer, talks kitchen design and the latest trends...

As Interior Designers, one of our main focuses is designing kitchens. Known as ‘the hub of the home’, the kitchen is not only the most functional space in the home but should also reflect the home and define the style.

At Designworx we design a range of kitchens for new build homes or renovations, through to updating the existing design in your home. As bespoke kitchen designers no two kitchens are the same. There are now a huge range of products available to fit any design solution.
When designing kitchens we question the client and find solutions to fit their brief. Is the space existing or new? Is it a family home where products need to be more robust? How much display does the client like or do they like their kitchen items hidden to create a clutter free space? Do they entertain often? Is the dining room in the same location as the kitchen or do they need to incorporate a serving / seating area within the kitchen? Do they have existing appliances they would like to use or do they need new appliances and if so which ones? Once we have the answers to these and many other questions we can begin designing to suit the client and then choose the kitchen finishes.
Many of the trends that we are currently seeing in the kitchen space are based on clever design. Great storage can never be underestimated in a kitchen design, being able to use every corner and space will really increase your function within the kitchen. This can be in the traditional use of storage i.e. pots and pans or new ideas as well, like a hidden drawer in the toekick.
Trends in kitchen finishes are currently about "less is more". As kitchens are now more often part of an open plan space, kitchen functions are being hidden behind doors to create a cleaner area. Handles are becoming more flush and recessed and the colour schemes for doors and drawers in kitchens are remaining neutral. Appliances are built in and exciting features are being included such as built in coffee makers.
The kitchen design process is a very personal process and each kitchen design is as individual as it’s owner. We have many years experience in designing kitchens of every kind and would love to discuss your requirements with you so you can reach a design that you love – and that will really make your kitchen the hub of your home.
Designworx, Interior Design Studio, 64 Vauxhall Road, Devonport. 09 445 1098. -

by Amanda Neill