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Ancient Remedies, Innovative Technology

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder of course but sometimes we all need a little help to look and feel our best. Elnaz Beauty Spa are the professionals to give you that relaxing treatment after a long day or treat a problem area you are not happy with for example, skin pigmentation or unwanted hair. At Elnaz Beauty Spa they will customise their treatments to your skin needs.

For over six years, owner Roya has been making Shore women look and feel great through her eastern-inspired beauty treatments.

From her business, which occupies a prime spot on the corner of Williamson Avenue and Lake Road in Belmont, Roya has become a recognisable face in the area. Roya is enthusiastic about Beauty but she says her Passion is helping other women. With her stunning daughter Elnaz, after whom the beauty spa is named, also working behind the scenes with the business, the pair bring the latest innovations in beauty mixed with ancient Persian beauty wisdoms.
Daughter Elnaz is quick to note that the business’s point of difference, she says is their eyebrow threading. Using an ancient Persian technique, Roya reshapes and defines the brows. “Having nice eyebrows really frames the face,” said Elle. “So many people have this done, their friends notice the difference and they are then here very soon having it done too!” Elnaz summed up: “I think a lot of women in New Zealand are missing out on a lot of beauty tricks we have in the Middle East.”
Much hype has been given to the Derma-Roller product doing the rounds on the Hollywood beauty circuit and featuring on various TV shows such as Ellen.
Elnaz isn’t surprised by the hype.
“It’s amazing!” She raves. “Everyone is interested in this right now and I can understand why. It really does give you results.”
“It gets rid of fine lines, redness, scarring, enlarged pores...It needs commitment though. It’s not a ‘miracle’, you do have to work at it but the results are worth it!”
The hand-held ‘Derma-Roll’ wand resembles a miniature paint roller. It works by rolling the product across the skin, tiny needles penetrate and get rid of old, damaged skin. Elnaz Beauty Spa offers ‘medical grade’ Titanium Derma-Roll treatments, for best results clients can go away with a take home kit.
Don't miss out, visit Elnaz to be your most beautiful and why not spoil Mum with a beauty treat for Mother's Day next month (11th May). Enquire now about the special Mother's Day packages, gift vouchers and offers at Elnaz Beauty Spa.
Elnaz Beauty Spa, 1 Williamson Avenue, Belmont 09 550 3144
Visit Elnaz Beauty Spa on facebook.

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