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Top Five Beauty Regrets How to prevent and solve them

This year I celebrate being a beauty therapist for ten years. A decade in a career that is so rewarding it feels more like a hobby than a job, how lucky am I?
Over the years I have heard time and again the same beauty regrets coming from my clients, so this month I’m going to give you the heads up on preventing, and treating the most common ones.

I wish I hadn’t baked myself in the sun for so many years.
This is why I am probably one of the palest people you will ever meet!  I have seen lots of sun damage on people’s skin and it’s not pretty.  We all know sun exposure contributes to premature lines, wrinkling and sun spots.  It’s never too late to start covering up and being smarter in the sun, your future skin will thank you.  In the meantime, technology is really getting up there in treating uneven skin tone. Ultraceuticals Ultra brightening serum ($149) won multiple beauty awards last year, and used daily is a great starting point in reducing the appearance of pigmentation.  For a faster result try some IPL therapy ($249 for full face), to lift out the damage.
I wish I hadn’t tweezed my eyebrows to death.
Yes, over plucking will give you bald brows. However, don’t be too hard on yourself, as hormone changes that come with age can thin them too.  Get a qualified professional to tidy and tint them every 2-3 months. By doing this, you will have a tweezing guide in-between visits.  The magic LiBrow serum ($180) is the fastest way to restore thinning eyebrows. Applied daily, brows will regrow and thicken. Beware of imitations!  
I wish I never picked my pimples/chicken pox.
Pitting and pock mark scars left on your face as a reminder of those painful acne years, is no fun I know, and as easy as it would be to say “don’t pick”, you’re still going to pick. To help prevent scarring your skin, do it after a shower and cleansing. Use two cotton tips instead of long nails and fingers. Cleanse the face again after you’re done. Apply a treatment lotion, (I swear by Ultraceuticals Ultra Clear Treatment Lotion $89), and walk away from the mirror.  See me for a consultation, to get advice, and an action plan to treat oiliness, breakouts and scarring.
I wish I had been more adventurous with my make-up.
It is never too late to wear that outrageous lipstick, eye shadow or whatever! If you have an urge to wear hot pink lippy, wear it. We truly are living in an “anything goes” beauty society, where on any street you can spot pink hair, lashings of eyeliner and crazy nails. If you need a confidence boost to be a bit more daring, just ask your beauty therapist. We LOVE makeup, and relish any opportunity to help others have fun with it.
I wish I’d done something about my facial hair earlier.
In most cases, you can’t prevent facial hair occurring due to hormones, but you can get on top of it if you seek treatment without delay. The sooner you start IPL or Electrolysis, the more manageable it will become in the long run.

If there is a skin ‘regret’ that you would like help with, book online today at

by Amanda Care