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On the Ferry with Fullers: Q&A

On the Ferry with Anna and Margaret Rasmussen

Residents and visitors to the Shore have the luxury of being able to catch a ferry from a number of our different coastal locations. At Birkenhead, as with Devonport, Bayswater, and Beach Haven, the ferry service is an increasingly popular mode of transport to the city and beyond. For this issue, Channel caught up with a pair of cheerful ladies at Birkenhead Ferry Terminal - one local, one former local who was visiting her old childhood patch.

Anna and Margaret Rasmussen, both retired.

Where’s home?
Birkenhead, Onewa Road.
Margaret: Brisbane. But I lived here on the North Shore in Birkenhead until I was about seven years old. I remember having our school sports day on the field over here (points to the grassy reserve adjacent to the ferry terminal)!

Why the ferry?
‘Auntie Margaret’ is visiting from Brisbane, so we’re having some lovely days out. Yesterday we caught a ferry to Waiheke and went to Onetangi Beach and had some lunch.  I had a swim - any water and I’m into it!
Margaret: We also had fish and chips on the ‘other side’ at the Viaduct too, which was lovely. Catching the ferry is better than driving over the bridge. I can remember the bridge being built! In fact, my husband worked on building the bridge as part of his apprenticeship.

Any fond memories of the ferries?
My Dad used to travel to work on the ferry to get over to his job at the old Auckland Star. I always remember seeing the men coming home from work, and jumping off the ferries, before they were tied up! You’d see them all jumping across to get off the boats once they reached this side.
Anna: I recently took my grandchildren to jump off the wharf, but it was a shame that it was such a struggle for us to get back out of the water. I ended up pushing them back up by lifting them up out of the water by their bottoms! And we all cut ourselves on all the shells that are all over the steps!

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