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BID - It’s Decision Time!

By Murray Hill, Business Improvement District (BID) manager.

By the time you read this article, the voting will be over and the result announced of whether Devonport business district has succeed in forming a BID (Business Improvement District). My gut feeling is, YES, we have done enough over the last six months of the campaign to engage with the majority of the business owners and landlords and explain the many benefits of being a BID.

Unfortunately, Channel went to print four days before we knew the result, otherwise you would have been the first to read about it here in CHANNEL. However, the result will now be posted on our website,

I thought all the hard work had been done prior to the voting papers being delivered! However, since then, I have fielded many enquiries, mainly from people who had not been reading the information delivered from the start - some six months ago. However, the queries have been answered and most have been positive about the programme when they have had it explained to them.
There has been the usual last minute flurry by some opposed to the scheme but one has to expect this when such a major change in the way the business association is funded and managed is proposed. The key stakeholders in Devonport recognise the need and have been fantastically supportive.
I am reasonably confident that the will of the business owners and landlords will provide a YES vote and we will be able to get on and build a great Devonport business district, as it was in my youth in the 60's & 70's. If you want proof they work, just read the article in the Milford column on page 74. By having a private enterprise philosophy, the board of the local business association there has built the foundation for their own success, even before the council and local board have developed a strategic plan for their town centre - by doing ….not meeting and discussing!

by Murray Hill